When the penny drops… but you are one whisky too far!!

So, i think I was kind of set up by our  Deputy editor last Friday. I just received several e-mails from Andy suggesting I and Jeff were cordially invited to a cool Penthouse party called Social Concierge. Apparently, their publicist  Kevin May had called the office a few times requesting our presence. Since i am not one to turn down a good penthouse party literally next door to the office at Beautfort House, we decided to venture out. We arrived at Beaufort House to be  escorted by a very well dressed Kevin upstairs to the third floor where we walked into a casually stimulating environment with a mixture of light hearted music thrown in equal measure. We then sat at our table and the waitress arrived with a bottle of Champagne to kick off proceedings. Perfect!  As myself and colleague Jeff Armstrong cheered up to what had been an interesting week.
        We were suddenly joined by a rather model-esque looking Alice who explained that she once had ambitions of being a babysitter, singer/songwriter, and part-time escort. Although for  the record, the ‘escort’   bit was just Alice’s attempt to break the ice. I also noticed her tattoo which read ‘Alice in Wonderland’ just in case anyone forgot her name! But what i was more interested in was her singing obviously… I just wished I had brought a guitar. She seemed like a beautiful soul in her own wonderland..the thought that ran through my mind was ‘I wonder what kind of music she makes’ ?  As I was busy wondering, in came Nana who was introduced as the founder… She insisted we took shots which we did and I decided to buy a round in return. It was starting to feel quite social so in came another lady who I can’t remember her name but I recall she was Online Editor from another magazine and seemed to be very proud that she was working for a certain well known Fashion Editor..I promise it’s not Anna Wintour.. (I would have remembered!!) . What i do recall is totally ‘thinking’ whilst I was talking and obviously ‘drinking’ was that ‘why does this conversation sound weird??’…as she admitted having never done something like this before! Then on my trip to the bar, I met Jennifer who was explaining her type of men being tall,dark and handsome… Fair enough!! I was just there to order shots.. Anyway, It was only when I bumped into a conversation with a guest who explained to me what social concierge was all about that the penny finally dropped. It suddenly made sense.
Social concierge is a private member dating  club launched in January as an exclusive dating app for young professionals. According to their press release,After three years of matchmaking 20/30 something smart, successful corporate professionals  the agency knows what its elite clients want: to get offline, get social and be allowed to be picky”.
           Now, as I already  have a girlfriend and I am in a happy relationship this was certainly not where I expected to be on a Friday evening. I mean, I am known for never going on dating sites, dating events, etc so this was the Chelsea Monthly office well and truly setting us up. However, it was a great night and i can see the attraction to this form of offline dating so as I and Jeff made our lucky escape. We concluded, that if you are single and ready to mingle.. You will definitely love social concierge. It seems like great fun, with a really interesting and nice mix of people and it gets our thumbs up!!


Jordan Kensington

Jordan KensingtonJordan Kensington

Jordan Kensington, is the Lifestyle and Travel Editor for Chelsea Monthly. With over 18 years of journalism experience. Kensington has presented for the BBC, CNN and much more.

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