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Africa is sometimes misrepresented globally. It’s easy to simply believe every country in Africa is the same which sounds absurd when you think of the difference between countries in an Asian continent such as India and China.I have been to several countries in Africa but it was my first time in Ethiopia a country located in the Horn of Africa. It shares borders with Eritrea to the north and northeast, Djibouti and Somalia to the east, Sudan and South Sudan to the west and Kenya to the south. With over 102 million inhabitants,  Ethiopia is one of the most populous landlocked country in the world and the second-most populous nation on the African continent. It occupies a total area of 1,100,000 square kilometres (420,000 sq mi), and its capital and largest city is Addis Ababa. As soon as I landed the airport you could feel the sense of personality, pride and humility all encompassed amongst the local. I was immediately baffled by my driver who was welcoming me to the year 2000. Now, after taking a sip of water to work out whether i had time travelled or not. He clarified his position, you see.The Ethiopian calendar is a solar calendar which in turn derives from the Egyptian Calendar, but like the Julian Calendar, it adds a leap day every four years without exception and begins the year on August 29 or August 30 in the Julian Calendar. A gap of 7–8 years between the Ethiopian and Gregorian Calendars results from an alternative calculation in determining the date of the Annunciation.

Some of the oldest skeletal evidence for anatomically modern humans has been found in Ethiopia. It is widely considered as the region from which modern humans first set out for the Middle East and places beyond. According to linguists, the first Afroasiatic-speaking populations settled in the Horn region during the ensuing Neolithic era.Tracing its roots to the 2nd millennium BC, Ethiopia’s governmental system was a monarchy for most of its history. In the first centuries AD, the Kingdom of Aksum maintained a unified civilization in the region, followed by the Ethiopian Empire circa 1137. During the late 19th-century Scramble for Africa, Ethiopia was one of the nations to retain its sovereignty from long-term colonialism by a European colonial power. Many newly-independent nations on the continent subsequently adopted its flag colours. Ethiopia was also the first independent member from Africa of the 20th-century League of Nations and the United Nations.In 1974, the Ethiopian monarchy under Haile Selassie was overthrown by the Derg, a communist military government backed by the Soviet Union. In 1987, the Derg established the People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, but it was overthrown in 1991 by the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, which has been the ruling political coalition since. The Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa combines excellent amenities with an ultra-modern design, the hotel is close to all Addis Ababa’s top attractions, including the  Ethiopian Ethnological Museum, the bustling local market ‘Merkato’ and the majestic Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Ethiopia and Eritrea use the ancient Ge’ez script, which is one of the oldest alphabets still in use in the world. Speaking to a few locals i realised that Ethiopia is a multilingual nation with around 80 ethnolinguistic groups, the four largest of which are the Oromo, Amhara, Somali and Tigrayans. Most people in the country speak Afroasiatic languages of the Cushitic or Semitic branches. Additionally, Omotic languages are spoken by ethnic minority groups inhabiting the southern regions. Nilo-Saharan languages are also spoken by the nation’s Nilotic ethnic minorities.

If you like your coffee to wake you up in the morning don’t forget that Ethiopia is the place of origin of the coffee bean. It was first cultivated at Kefa, one of the 14 provinces in the old Ethiopian administration. So, as i checked into the luxurious Radisson Blu Hotel Addissa Abba i was offered an opportunity to peruse their internal restaurant to sample some of the finest coffee and a big breakfast suitable for a King.  A world-class luxury hotel, about less than 20-minute drive from the airport.


Grand, elegant and utterly charming, Radisson Blu, Addis Ababa has a way of making you feel at home. With a secure entry and a large reception area. Many of the rooms overlook the picturesque bustling city, where you can take in the stunning sunrises or sunsets and simply bask in the beauty of the local atmosphere. Throughout the hotel there is a luxury house feel, from the paintings on the walls to the decor- it’s a place that draws you in and makes you want to keep going back for more.

One of the best things about  Radisson Blu, Addis Ababa is the staff and this also comes from the top as i gathered when i sat down for a drink with GM, Hans Peter Duerr . He commented “The one thing i love about this country is the hospitality. It’s community and people love to make you feel welcome” and  i sure felt both welcome and comfortable throughout my stay. Peter Duerr’s warmth and friendliness was mirrored by all the other members of the staff who make sure every guest feels like they’re at home.

Which room?

While all of the rooms are exquisite, our pick was amazing. The bathroom was a good size, luscious bathtub, separate shower and two sinks for your convenience. It also has a separate dressing room and luxe furnishings throughout. All rooms include a flat-screen TV. You will find a kettle in the room. Every room includes a private bathroom fitted with a bath or shower. Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa features free WiFi throughout the property and a 24-hour front desk at the property.

Food & Drink

Just past reception you will find the  Restaurant, which boasts an exquisite menu, with the majority made with local produce from the surrounding farmlands. During the day, the restaurant transforms into a delightful breakfast venue for the hotel guests, making use of the morning sunshine streaming through. You can choose from a buffet breakfast – with cooked gammon you can slice yourself – or order from the table menu.


When to go

Any time of year if the perfect time to visit the Radisson Blu, Addis Ababa Hotel. The city has perfect weather all year round. The Radisson Blu, Addis Ababa will host the prestigious Global African Business Awards on the 13th of July 2018. Stay tuned for more news!

The Radisson Blu, Addis Ababa is based in Kazanchis Business District, Kirkos Subcity Kebele 17/18, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | Phone: +251 11 515 7600


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Jordan KensingtonJordan Kensington

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