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We have asked our experts for other ways that we, ourselves, can support our health in the workplace…

1. Does the shoe fit?
You could spend less time sitting in traffic, or being cramped on a tube, by swapping public transport for your feet (or at least for part of the way), which can also help to up your step count. However, make sure your footwear fits properly to avoid discomfort. “Sore feet after even a short walk? This is a common occurrence for those of us who do not have correct fitting shoes, and this can put us off walking altogether. Be sure your foot has enough room in the toe box. There should be a thumbnails width (or about a half inch) between your toes and the end of the shoe. The shoe should be wide enough in the toe that your toes can move freely. Your heel should not slip, and the shoe should not pinch or bind, especially across the arch or ball of your foot,” explains Carnation Footcare Podiatrist Dave Wain (

2. Opt for a packed lunch
Are you a regular at the local lunch hot spots near your work? Skip the lunch queues and start by making your own lunches; not only can this be much cheaper but you also know exactly what is going into your meals, rather than thinking the salad you purchased is healthy, before learning how calorific the dressing is.
“Making your own lunch gives you full control over what you eat and how much of each food group you consume, which can help especially when looking for lower calorie options. You can prepare sandwiches or salad bases over the weekend if you struggle to find time in the mornings,” suggests Nutritionist, Cassandra Barns.
If you’re not sure what to add to your lunchbox to make a nutritious and filling meal, try the general rule of having the size of your clenched fist as your carbs and the size of the palm of your hand as your protein.

3. Curb your sugar cravings
If you’ve had a stressful meeting, have had to deal with a difficult customer or are struggling to get through your emails try to avoid the feeling that you ‘deserve’ a high calorie treat each time. Identifying your emotions and finding alternative ways to deal with them, as opposed to powering your way through the likes of endless crisp packets, can help you take back control of your eating habits. “This may take effort and time, as we often hang on to what is familiar, but if you stick to it, you will soon be reaping the rewards for a little thoughtful decision-making, retraining and application of willpower – with a little help from your Slissie friend,” explains Psychologist, Corinne Sweet.

Slissie (from £24.99, is the first of its kind as it delivers curb-craving flavourings that instantly help you resist the temptation of sugary, calorific snacks. Once the flavours that contain aromas are detected by your tastebuds and olfactory receptors, messages are sent to the appetite control centres of the brain leaving users feeling their appetite has been satisfied. At the press of a button you can taste flavours such as, chocolate, vanilla and mint, making your brain think you’ve had that sweet treat without any nasty sugars being involved!

4. Don’t become a desk potato
Feeling snowed under at work? Make sure you still take a break and stretch your legs to help combat against stress. “Exercise is a great stress reliever. Take a brisk walk to stimulate anti-anxiety effects, this helps to clear your thoughts and feel more relaxed upon returning to the office,” suggests Cassandra.

5. Set an alarm
“If you’re a bit of a desk jockey, set a reminder to make sure you have a brief walk around the office to get yourself moving,” advises Dave.

6. Replace your Americano for a green tea
Green tea is an excellent healthy mood booster. “It contains some caffeine, which gives you a bit of a lift, but also contains the amino acid theanine. Theanine which can have a relaxing effect and may help to relieve anxiety and mental stress, potentially by increasing your levels of serotonin, dopamine (responsible for reward and pleasure), and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA, which has a relaxant effect),” explains Cassandra.

7. Learn to say no
“If you feel the symptoms of stress coming on, learn to get your priorities right. There is nothing in your life right now more important than your health. Learn to say no if you feel that you have taken on too much. Being assertive is invigorating and empowering. It also helps to make lists of what is, or is not a priority, and to tackle the priority tasks first. This will help give you a sense of control over your life,” says Dr Marilyn Glenville, the UK’s leading Nutritionist, author of Natural Solutions for Dementia and Alzheimer’s (

8. Get your veggies
Does your lunch lack vegetables? This can be a significant way of you adding calories to your diet, by filling your plate with other food groups, such as carbs. “Soups are a fantastic way of boosting your veg intake and using any odds and ends of vegetables in the fridge, especially those that are starting to look a bit limp and sad! Gently steam all vegetables, add lots of garlic, onions and herbs such as rosemary, caraway and thyme. Then blend in a food mixer or liquidiser. Serve hot or cold!” says Cassandra.

9. Make time for breakfast
“The old saying says that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and when you have breakfast you are literally ‘breaking the fast’, this supports the idea that you shouldn’t skip breakfast. Sleeping causes your metabolism (fat burning capability) to slow right down and nothing gets it going faster than breakfast,” explains Marilyn.
“But always remember that just as important as having breakfast itself, it’s also vital to choose healthy breakfast options such as wholegrain cereals like porridge, organic ‘live’ natural dairy products like yogurt, organic eggs and fruit. Sugar-laden cereals will cause your blood sugar to rise sharply and drop quite quickly, making you feel more hungry quickly – you need something that will sustain you and keep you feeling fuller for longer,” adds Marilyn.

10. Spring clean your desk
It may not come as a shock to you that the technology you use every day is often swarming with germs. Your computer keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat and your mouse is 45,670 times dirtier than a toilet handle.

Johana BaldellaMay 3, 2017


She may be the darling of the celebrity media but coffee lover and TV star Melanie Sykes has revealed, given the choice, she’d rather spend her time relaxing in front of a box-set.


The TV star, model and mum has revealed her ultimate way to relax is to be at home, chilling out in front of her favourite Netflix series – with a cup of her favourite Lyons Coffee in hand.

Best known for her role as a TV and radio presenter, Mel co-hosted Let’s Do Lunchwith Gino D’Acampo for three years and has recently appeared on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and Sky’s Fit In Five.

 Mel, who has just been announced as the new face of Lyons Coffee Bags, confesses to spending much of her time chilling out in comfy clothes and watching episodes of The Sopranos.

Mostly you will find me sitting at home watching box-set after box-set. I don’t know where my life would be without Netflix. I will just devour entire series in one sitting.


Mel is also a massive coffee aficionado. She says becoming the new face of Lyons Coffee Bags was a natural and obvious choice, as she’s such a big fan.

She said: “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Lyons coffee. Everyone knows I’m a coffee lover – I can’t start the day without one – and Lyons Coffee Bags have completely transformed the way I enjoy my coffee. I have a very busy schedule so the bags are perfect as I can take them with me in my handbag and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.  I also love that there are three strengths and a decaf option, so I can satisfy my coffee cravings whenever the mood takes me.  Forget fiddly pods and cleaning up – just add water and go… genius!”

 Mel has just launched a lifestyle website which gives a great insight into how she keeps herself trim and healthy but also offers advice and inspiration to others on fitness, food and parenting. She’s also big into meditation – and uses her smartphone for inspiration. “I do those meditation apps on my phone. I do get anxious about things so they really relax me,” she admits.

 Lyons coffee bags are an every-day coffee hero, perfect for busy people like Mel, who want convenience but don’t want to compromise on flavour. The bags contain 100% freshly ground coffee beans and are easy to prepare – just add freshly boiled water, stir, and brew for three-four minutes until the coffee is as strong as required.

 Quick and easy to use, they are ideal choice for busy mums, active families or time pressured commuters on the go.  

Jordan KensingtonApril 12, 2017


Charles Weaving is currently Managing Partner at the Dubai based global venture capital group, Foxhole Holdings, which manages a portfolio of global investments across a variety of sectors including: lifestyle, food & beverage, commercial real estate, fashion retail and technology. With an ethos of humility and hard work created by three close friends, Foxhole Holdings is derived from the World War II meaning Defensive Fighting Position. The company has a global presence with current projects in Dubai, India, London and Ibiza, and employs an international team of seasoned and innovative professionals.  Their in-depth experience in the Middle East and Europe offers stakeholders consistent and sustainable business models, solutions and results. The business works with internationally recognized names, including popular global restaurant brand STK, as well as many organically grown regional brands.

Foxhole Holdings is expanding into new business areas. With an all-male board of directors, interestingly the company has a large portfolio of women-related businesses such as Ladies Only Spas in Dubai, Ladies fashion secrets business ‘Glamouflage” and online fast fashion website ‘I Saw It First’. Foxhole Holdings is still rapidly expanding with Weaving aiming to own and manage 50 companies across all sectors.

Can you tell us a little bit about Foxhole Holdings?

We started Foxhole Holdings two years ago. Foxhole Holdings is a private firm based in Dubai. We are three young guys running different businesses all over the globe in lot of different sectors. We decided to merge everything together under the Foxhole title and we have chosen Dubai as their main base because it is right in the middle of the World and there are a lot of talented people there.

How did the One Group partnership come about?

We were familiar with STK and the brand, we know it from America (Los Angeles, Las Vegas…) and we just love this brand. We did not have anything upper the Marina side of Ibiza, it was an incredible opportunity. We contacted The One Group – they were familiar with what we were doing anyway. We were the first people to buy a license from the group. STK Ibiza was the first one and we plan to do a lot of business with The One Group.

Image result for stk ibiza

You are launching a new club in Dubai. How do you intend to make it unique given the competitive market out there?

We have done a joint venture with the Bulldozer Group and we will open Base Club Dubai shortly. We focus mainly on trading and retail businesses and in the last two  years we tested and received great results. Now, we  have decided to take it to the next level especially with the fashion brand ‘I saw it first’ and the club.

Is your fashion brand going to include other labels or a white label for your brand?

Yes, but it will still be our own brand. Most of the production comes from the UK, which is a real hope for fashion.

That’s amazing. What is your timeline to launch?

By the end of May it will be completely finished. It will be possible to order all across Europe, Australia and America from the UK and all across the Middle East from Dubai. We focus on the income business in the Middle East (it is a strategic relationship).

Image result for stk ibiza

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

Yes and I sat in a spa the other day after a long trip and it got me thinking that. Now, I am actually living the life I wanted to live and I am still going in the direction I planned to go.

Who inspired you growing up to keep you consistent in your route to success?

My dad. I didn’t go to the University, I always worked in my dad’s property as he was a hotelier. I always wanted to do business. When I stayed in Japan, I learned a totally different culture, it was very educational. Nowadays, I’m inspired by the young guys in the Silicon Valley (Snapchat, Instagram, Uber) they are really challenging the status quo.

Yes, the new generation of entrepreneurs are taking the disruption of the old model to a whole new level?

I agree and that gets me excited which is why when someone comes to me with a business proposal. We always think….will this buy us a private jet or not…?

Great…. Now, let’s get your Top 5’s ?

Top five tips for breaking a business worldwide?

  1. Stay humble
  2. Pick your partners wisely and don’t be greedy
  3. Learn and respect different cultures
  4. Work hard, you sometimes have to be a selfish person
  5. Create your business plan with the best knowledge that you got, your business plan is your guideline

“You don’t go anywhere without risking everything“

Top five countries you would like to expand to?

All across South East Asia (especially Thailand and Vietnam, maybe China) with the same concept. We already have a lot of things in Europe, India and in the Middle East. But in America, the market is too saturated.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

It is difficult to answer because we spread out in so many things, we have different ideas of investments.

 “We just want to reach for the sky“

Jeff ArmstrongFebruary 26, 2016


Metcalfe’s Skinny are delighted to be the official sponsor of the Best British Film 2016category at the 2nd annual National Film Awards taking place on the 31st of March 2016.

Nominees for this year’s Best British Film 2016 in association with Metcalfe’s Skinny include;Rise of the Footsoldier II, Spectre, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Kingsman (The Secret Service), North v South, Macbeth, A Royal Night Out and Absolutely Anything.

The partnership comes at a poignant time for the much loved popcorn brand. Having secured major listings in the last year, Metcalfe’s skinny currently has the largest distribution of any ready to eat premium brand in cinemas across the UK.

VIP guests and attendees at the National Film Awards 2016 will be able to sample Metcalfe’s Skinny’s latest innovation ‘Cinema Sweet’ on the night. Made with natural stevia extract, this product is the first of its kind and has 67% less sugar than all other sweet varieties on the market.

Metcalfe’s skinny has always been known for innovation since Julian Metcalfe first bought Sweet and Salt popcorn to the UK market 7 years ago. Whilst Sweet and Salt is currently drives 72% of the value growth in the popcorn market, industry insiders hotly tip this new product to disrupt the category in a big way, whilst the drive and demand for healthier options continues to soar.

Managing Director of Metcalfe’s skinny Ltd Max Rees said:“Popcorn and movies go hand in hand so naturally we are delighted to be sponsoring ‘Best British Film 2016’ at this year’s National Film Awards. Congratulations to all nominees. We look forward to sharing our range with guests on the night as well as finding out who the winners are!”

Metcalfe’s skinny is on a mission to create and innovate delicious tasting popcorn products.

Metcalfe’s skinny innovates with light and crispy butterfly popcorn delicately seasoned in a selection of simple, 100% natural and delicious flavour combinations. The team scour the globe allowing them to continue to create inspired, first to market, unique popcorn products that cater for all tastes and snacking occasions. 

Metcalfe’s skinny is currently the fastest growing premium popcorn brand with the widest national distribution to customers in the UK with further exciting export plans in the future pipeline.  They pop with gusto for the country’s leading supermarkets, retail and convenience outlets and top wholesalers.

To learn more about the wide range of delicious Metcalfe’s skinny products, please visit

Check out Metcalfe’s skinny’s Facebook page at or follow @MetcalfesSkinny on Twitter.


Jade RatcliffeSeptember 21, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.37.46

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.47.10



maldivesThe Maldives is known for it’s famous white beaches and clear blue seas. A place of tranquillity, romance and luxury, almost 100,000 Britain’s chose to escape there every year. But it hasn’t always been the haven that it is today.

This year the Republic of Maldives celebrated their golden jubilee of independence, after their defence pact with Britain came to an end.

Dunya Maumoon
Dunya Maumoon

During the Second World War the country supported Britain by giving them a strategic outpost, helping to protect them from the threat of the Japanese attack. In return Britain would pay £2000 a year and take control of the foreign affairs for the island, protecting them from colonial expansion.

Now, 50 years later both countries are at peace and continue to
give mutual respect. Instead of using one another’s islands as protectorates, they’re put to
use as luxury holidays and new homes.
Former senior minister of state for the foreign and commonwealth office, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi said “When I was the minister of Pakistan in government, I saw both the respect for the Briti
h position as it is now, but also a real understanding of the history of the partnership that those countries have, and I see that same respect and understanding when it comes the United Kingdom and the Maldives.”

“The partnership between the UK and Maldives has enormous potential and can be of mutual benefit. Encountering terrorism, organised crime and other non-traditional security threats, I strongly believe that our partnership can be further expanded and consolidated in these areas in the coming years and we very much look forward to working with the UK in this regard.”- Current minister of foreign affairs for the government of Maldives, Dunya Maumoon commented.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 23.43.58
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi

This year also marks the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta (Great Charter), one of the most important documents of medieval England in regards to the legal system. Written in Latin and signed by King John, it is considered one of the leading advancements taken towards establishing parliamentary democracy and equality.

The Magna Carta is still used to this day; the basic human rights and freedom can be seen in every constitution and political party.

Dunya Maumoon stated, “The last constitution in 2008, set in motion a multi party political system with several independent institutions, these institutions are still young and require careful nurturing and the support and encouragement from everyone concerned in order for them to gain the maturity necessary for a fully functioning democracy”.

Jeff ArmstrongJune 12, 2015


Leading French private jet provider, Global Jet Partners have announced today sponsorship of the 5th annual National Luxury & Lifestyle Awards. The Paris-based provider of private jets, Global Jet Partner , opened its London office in Chelsea early this month (June).

Global Jet Partner specialises in the provision of private jets to corporate and other discerning clients. Offering absolute privacy and discretion, a client’s personal project manager is on hand day and night to arrange a private chartered jet and private car transfers, taking care of all the smallest details to create serene travel, free from the usual pressures of departure deadlines, check-in and security and responsive to the most demanding of travel schedules and criteria.

Global Jet Partner has no preference towards any particular aircraft or fleet, enabling it to choose the best aircraft and most optimal arrangements for each journey, and to offer much greater flexibility than other providers.

President Linda Sellidj said: “Global Jet Partner is pleased to be able to extend our service to our UK clients, present and future, by establishing a permanent office in London. We hope this will enable more discerning travellers to experience our hallmarks of excellence in our performance, tranquillity for our clients and elegance in the travel arrangements we provide.”

In addition to its London inauguration, Global Jet Partner also announced the launch of the new Jet Card in both London and Paris.

Linda Sellidj explained: “Available as an Premium Card and a Business Card, our Jet Card programme is ideal for those who travel more than occasionally but not frequently enough to warrant owning or leasing their own jet.

“Clients invest in a block of hours which can either be on a specific aircraft or be open to all types of aircraft. We make deductions from the balance only for hours spent in the plane, and for taxi times, and offer reimbursements for time not used, meaning that, with the Jet Card, our clients control their costs and manage their budgets while retaining flexibility to travel as they desire, perhaps at short notice, and without restrictive long-term commitment. The Jet Card involves a very reasonable level investment tailored to suit clients’ needs and the Business Card is particularly cost-effective while still allowing flexibility to switch between aircraft categories.”

Catch Global Jet Partners and more luxury consumers & brands at the 5th annual Nationall Luxury & Lifestyle Awards taking place on the 30th of July 2015. Get your VIP tickets now @ NLLA 2015 VIP Tickets and for more information on Global Jet Partners >> Click here

Jordan KensingtonAugust 4, 2014


As much as £65 billion could be stagnating in low rate savings accounts because people are keeping their money in ‘sloth accounts’ that are tied to their bank, rather than seeking out products paying better rates.

According to research from ISA provider Scottish Friendly, 5.2 million savers currently hold their money in a savings account that is linked to their current account, despite the fact that the leading high street banks are offering some of the worst interest rates on the market; some as little as just 0.05 per cent.

The research also found that around one in three savers, nearly 24 million people, have not reviewed their savings accounts in the past three years. Worse still, of those savers who have not reviewed their account in the last 12 months, just eight per cent said that they thought they were still getting the best rate on the market.

Neil Lovatt, director of financial products at Scottish Friendly, said: “Times are hard right now and we’re all feeling the pinch. It’s important to ensure we’re doing as much as we can to build a nest egg for the future – after all, what is the point in putting your hard earned money into an account that gives back just 0.05 per cent?”

According to the research findings, 15 per cent of savers have not changed their account in the last year because it’s too much hassle, while one in five savers (21 per cent) think that because they do not have a lot of money in their savings account it does not seem worth the trouble of moving.

Lovatt, continued: “The perception that the act of changing accounts is an onerous one is flawed. In fact, it doesn’t take long to have a look at what’s out there, and it is a valuable process.  A low interest sloth account is about as much use to savers as a chocolate teapot. We’re calling on today’s savers to take some time to consider their options. People who shop around stand a much better chance of seeing their money grow.”

Jeff ArmstrongJune 8, 2013


The latest creation from the production line at  Zuricom  is the Zuricom Z3TabletPhone : a 7-inch Android tablet that can make and receive phone calls.

Arriving with an extremely friendly £250  price tag , the Z3TabletPhone  is here to compete with the likes of the Ipad Mini and the Google Nexus.

The Z3 Tabletphone is the first smart phone and tablet combo designed in Europe by entrepreneur, Jordan Kensington.


The Zuricom –Z3 is the brand new 7-inch tablet PC from Zuricom. Already, favourite amongst fashion icons, musicians and celebrities. The Zuricom Z3 Tabletphone has become exclusive and unique in the market.

X-Factor star , Matt Cardle, Absolutely Fab, Actress Helen Ledrer, and Hollywood actor David Hasselhoff are already reportedly great fans of the Zuricom Z3 Tablet List.


The Tech Specs: 

Processor(CPU): NeC Renesas Cortex A9 EV2 Dual Core 1.0GHz
Operation System: Android 4
RAM: 512MB
Nand Flash: 8GB
Screen : 7-inch Capacitive multi-touch ,1024X600Pixels
Webcam: 2.0MP Front/ 2.0MP Back Dual camera
Wireless: WiFi , Build-in 3G,Bluetooth 2.1, MMS
Phone: Build-in Phone accepting all sim cards (Exclusive feature)
GPS: Build-in GPS
I/O port: Mini-USB2.0,T-flash ,3.5mm headphone, build-in microphone
G-sensor: 4 way G-sensor
Battery type: 4000mAh Rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Cruising power: 5-6hrs with WiFi on, 7-8hrs with WiFi Off.
Language: multilingual
Standard accessories: 1X Tablet PC,1X Charger, 1X Adapter
Item size: 194.5(L)*119(W)*12(H)
Net weight: 420g (exclude accessories)
Colour: Available in Black, White, Red , Pink and Blue
Carton Dimension: 10sets/carton. Weight:10.0kg

Our Verdict:

The Zuricom Z3 TabletPhone has a thumbs up from us. You make and receive phone calls and with the added function of a tablet PC. How can you go wrong especially with the new smartphone generation?


Jeff ArmstrongApril 29, 2013


Employing a friend or relative has emerged as one of the most common ‘business mistakes’, research has revealed. The study showed that many business owners have made the error of giving a job to someone close to them, only to find they were unable to carry it out.

The report also found that overall, one in three bosses have hired someone who turned out to be totally unsuitable for the position, and a quarter have hired either a friend or family member who couldn’t make the grade.

Other common business errors made include pricing things too high or low and offering too many discounts.

The study, carried out among 1,000 business owners, also revealed bad decisions costs the typical business an average of around £2,340 every year.

The trend emerged as a part of the ‘However Big Your Ambition Report’,

A spokesman Alex Smith said:

“Running a business isn’t easy and having the best staff working for you is critical.

“Training and investing in people will always pay dividends in the future but it’s hard to get decisions right every time.

“Even very successful business owners will have made a mistake at some point in the past.

“The key thing is to avoid repeating them.”

Hiring someone who wasn’t right for the job came top in the poll, while making a pricing error was second.

Not taking advantage of an opportunity was the number three business bungle, followed by offering too much of a discount and hiring a friend to work for you.

Sixth place in the list went to taking on a relative to carry out a role in the company, while firing someone and later realising they shouldn’t have been given the boot was at seven.

Trusting the wrong person or business partner was eighth in the list, with investing in equipment which didn’t do the right job and ignoring good advice both completing the top ten.

Other common mistakes include allowing a junior to have more responsibility than they were ready for, acting on bad advice and losing a good member of staff because they were refused a pay rise.

Contrastingly, giving someone a pay rise, even though they didn’t really deserve it and investing in a business which didn’t work are also among the top 15.

The study also revealed that a third of small and medium sized (SME) business owners would describe themselves as ambitious risk-takers.

Another 35% of business owners admit they have let their heart rule their heads at some point while running their business, with 61% of those saying the decision proved detrimental.

More than half of those (56%) say they even lost money because of it, while 43% said a friendship was ruined – another one in ten even admitted their company’s reputation was affected.

The report also showed that 72% of bosses now feel less optimistic about 2013 then they did at any point in 2012.

Nine in ten say that they don’t expect to achieve their annual financial targets, and just one in five say that their business is ‘busy’.

Almost two thirds say that they are reluctant to make long-term investments at this point in time.

The ‘However Big your Ambition’ report was conducted to promote Volkswagen’s new online SME mentoring service – mentors include Allegra McEvevdy (the co-founder of LEON) and Andrew Denham, (the founder of The Bicycle Academy), who used crowdfunding to generate the £40,000 he needed to set up his business.


1.     Hiring someone who wasn’t right for the job

2.     Making a pricing error

3.     Not taking advantage of an opportunity

4.     Giving too much discount on something

5.     Taking a friend on to work for you

6.     Taking a relative on to work for you

7.     Firing someone

8.     Trusting someone/a business partner that didn’t work out

9.     Investing in equipment which didn’t work

10.  Ignoring good advice

11.  Allowing a junior more responsibility than they could handle

12.  Acting on bad advice

13.  Declining a pay rise which meant a good member of staff left

14.  Giving someone a pay rise and regretting it

15.  Investing in another business which didn’t work

Jeff ArmstrongApril 26, 2013


 A Weymouth-based Holiday Group, which includes Waterside Holiday Park & Spa, Chesil Vista Holiday Park and Osmington Holiday Park, has introduced a number of new caravan and luxury lodge models at its three parks ready for the 2013 holiday season. The new accommodation gives the opportunity for more holiday goers the chance to soak up the Dorset sun, in one of the most sought-after locations in the United Kingdom, for up to ten and a half months of the year. 

At Chesil Vista Holiday Park, the new show lodges, available for viewings from April, are designed by leading manufacturer Prestige and are state-of-the-art holiday homes. There are two models – the flagship ‘Matrix’, offering over 800sq ft. of interior space designed in a style that gives a feeling of spacious, modern loft living. The other a ‘Sky Deck’ possesses a perfect feature of a roof terrace accessed by a spiral staircase, making the most of the spectacular views. These fantastic lodges start from £189,950. Chesil Vista Holiday Park also has a range of caravan holiday homes available on site which includes the ever popular BK Sheraton, featuring double glazing, central heating, panoramic window, en-suite and walk-in-wardrobe. Prices for brand new caravan holiday homes start from £34,250 with pre-owned models also available. 

At Osmington Holiday Park, March saw the launch of two spectacular new show lodges located on its Smuggler’s View development which have already sold, plus another three new lodge bases arrive in another section of the park in the same style as Smuggler’s View. The lodges here are cedar-clad and all have more spacious than usual plots with great views, set alongside a stream. As at Chesil Vista Holiday Park, these lodges are designed by Prestige and Wessex, and are state-of-the-art. They also offer the ‘Enhance Pack’, so buyers can personally specify their requirements to suit them. These lodges start from £199,950.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with the addition of an American style sports bar, two-storey soft play area and coffee shop,Waterside Holiday Park & Spa has a wide range of caravan holiday homes on show from the leading manufacturers in the industry including Willerby, Prestige, Regal, Swift and Victory.  Long considered one of the most sought after parks upon which to own a caravan holiday home, Waterside has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

All three parks are no more than five miles from Weymouth town centre and all enjoy nearby beaches, picturesque landscapes and plenty of opportunities for adventure and excitement, as well relaxing and recharging your batteries. Waterside is right on the beach at Bowleaze Cove, Chesil Vista is right next door to Chesil Beach and Osmington is a short stroll from the magnificent views from the headland.Graham Frampton, General Manager at the Waterside Holiday Group, said: “With golden beaches, picturesque countryside and pretty villages aplenty, Dorset is enough to rival the French Riviera – and at half the cost! All of the park’s locations have luxurious surroundings, and the parks are no exception with five star holiday accommodation and facilities. Now we have these fantastic new lodges and caravans available, plus great facilities and recent developments at all three parks, this is definitely going to be an exciting year for us at the Waterside Holiday Group.”Lodge and caravan owners at all three parks receive fantastic benefits, including:
·        Owner’s Loyalty Card, offering 10 per cent off on all the park’s bars, restaurants and take-aways
·        Free use of seasonal leisure facilities for owners and immediate family
·        Free membership to bars and restaurants
·        Free membership to children’s entertainment facilities and events 
·        Free bus travel for owners to and from Weymouth
·        Invitations to exclusive owner’s events
·        Freedom to visit throughout the season – 1st March to 15th January
·        Clear licence agreement
·        Manufacturer’s warranty for at least a year for every new holiday home
·        Quality check with high standards for all pre-owned models

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