Taking home heating to the next level !!!


The Thermotouch 3.2aP takes home heating to the next level of comfort and energy efficiency. With a simple App on your smartphone you can adjust the temperature of your home hour-by-hour, 24/7. A late meeting or an unexpected night out no longer means wasting money heating an empty home.

Controlled by a simple App

 No interface on the wall is required as the system is simply controlled by the mythermotouch App that can be loaded on to iOS, Android and Windows phones. Thermotouch 3.2aP generates its own wireless network when used in Access Point Mode allowing direct connection without a router. The mythermotouch App can be loaded onto multiple devices and is password protected for added security and flexibility.

Saving you money

Thermotouch 3.2aP is designed to save energy and money by making it easy to set up an efficient heating schedule that fits around your lifestyle. By setting up a comfort temperature of around 25C and a setback of 15-18C, you can heat your home and maintain a comfortable temperature using minimal energy. Setting up a 24-hour schedule via your smartphone is simple and easy with the copy and paste function, and gives you complete control over your energy usage and heating bills.

24/7 hour-by-hour program

Easily create a custom-heating schedule that fits seamlessly around your lifestyle. If your schedule changes, the thermostat can be easily adapted from your smart phone or tablet.

Manual heating or vacation mode

Set your mythermotouch to maintain your desired floor temperature manually when you need it. The system will maintain that target temperature until you change the setting or switch off. While you’re away you can also set the mythermotouch to maintain a minimum floor temperature to keep the house warm for your return.

Compatible with existing floor sensors

Thermotouch 3.2aP is compatible with a wide range of existing floor sensors from a variety of manufacturers including:

·         Warmup 3iE and Tempo

·         Heatmiser floor heating thermostats

·         Aube (Honeywell) floor heating thermostats

·         OJ OCC4, OCD4 etc Devi range

·         Tekmar 552

·         Thermogroup thermostats 5260, 5265, 5259, 5240

Complete peace of mind

Thermotouch 3.2aP is covered by a 3-year thermostat guarantee and comes with access to the full range of technical support resources to help you install, programme and use your new mythermotouch system.

What you get in the box :

·         Thermotouch 3.2aP

·         Fixing Screws Sensor Conduit (2m)

·         Sensor Probe (2m)

·         Installation Guide

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