Fancy a Royal Night Out?


A long time ago…Well, actually only 13 years ago myself, Prince Harry and Prince William were partying it up at a friends private residence in Chelsea and someone suggested we checked out Mayfair Club. Anyone remembers Mayfair Club? Actually, i drove past there a few week’s ago and is no where to be seen. I can say the same thing about Prince William. Why? I hear you ask. Well, because as soon as he took up fatherhood, the club partying days were well and truly over. However, with Prince Harry still out and about as the ladies favourite new bachelor it comes as no surprise that our young Royals are still holding the flag as Europe’s most exciting royal family. A new DVD called ‘A Royal Night Out’ does it’s best to take us on a journey back to VE Day, 1945 when everyone was celebrating the end of the war. The backdrop is centred around the city of London a portrayal of celebration and excess. Two teenage sisters are allowed out at night for the first time to join the party. They have an amazing adventure; it’s like a first date. And they get back home far too late.

Now, when home is Buckingham Palace, the rules can be somewhat different to the curfews you and i had. Our two teenagers are Princess Margaret and the future queen of England, Elizabeth II.

This is the story of a delightful and romantic Girls Night Out. This is a story that you will truly enjoy. Directed by
Julian Jarrold and produced by both Robert Bernstein & Douglas Rae the Royal Night Out is one of those must watch titles for 2015. Screenwriters Trevor De Silva & Kevin Hood saw their work come to live by a star studded cast. The beautiful Emily Watson plays Queen Elizabeth whilst the talented Rupert Everett stars as King George.

A Royal Night Out will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on Sept 7th courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment.