Jordan KensingtonJordan KensingtonMarch 21, 2016

So, i think I was kind of set up by our  Deputy editor last Friday. I just received several e-mails from Andy suggesting I and Jeff were cordially invited to a cool Penthouse party called Social Concierge. Apparently, their publicist  Kevin May had called the office a few times requesting our presence. Since i am not one to turn down a good penthouse party literally next door to the office at Beautfort House, we decided to venture out. We arrived at Beaufort House to be  escorted by a very well dressed Kevin upstairs to the third floor where we walked into a casually stimulating environment with a mixture of light hearted music thrown in equal measure. We then sat at our table and the waitress arrived with a bottle of Champagne to kick off proceedings. Perfect!  As myself and colleague Jeff Armstrong cheered up to what had been an interesting week.
        We were suddenly joined by a rather model-esque looking Alice who explained that she once had ambitions of being a babysitter, singer/songwriter, and part-time escort. Although for  the record, the ‘escort’   bit was just Alice’s attempt to break the ice. I also noticed her tattoo which read ‘Alice in Wonderland’ just in case anyone forgot her name! But what i was more interested in was her singing obviously… I just wished I had brought a guitar. She seemed like a beautiful soul in her own wonderland..the thought that ran through my mind was ‘I wonder what kind of music she makes’ ?  As I was busy wondering, in came Nana who was introduced as the founder… She insisted we took shots which we did and I decided to buy a round in return. It was starting to feel quite social so in came another lady who I can’t remember her name but I recall she was Online Editor from another magazine and seemed to be very proud that she was working for a certain well known Fashion Editor..I promise it’s not Anna Wintour.. (I would have remembered!!) . What i do recall is totally ‘thinking’ whilst I was talking and obviously ‘drinking’ was that ‘why does this conversation sound weird??’…as she admitted having never done something like this before! Then on my trip to the bar, I met Jennifer who was explaining her type of men being tall,dark and handsome… Fair enough!! I was just there to order shots.. Anyway, It was only when I bumped into a conversation with a guest who explained to me what social concierge was all about that the penny finally dropped. It suddenly made sense.
Social concierge is a private member dating  club launched in January as an exclusive dating app for young professionals. According to their press release,After three years of matchmaking 20/30 something smart, successful corporate professionals  the agency knows what its elite clients want: to get offline, get social and be allowed to be picky”.
           Now, as I already  have a girlfriend and I am in a happy relationship this was certainly not where I expected to be on a Friday evening. I mean, I am known for never going on dating sites, dating events, etc so this was the Chelsea Monthly office well and truly setting us up. However, it was a great night and i can see the attraction to this form of offline dating so as I and Jeff made our lucky escape. We concluded, that if you are single and ready to mingle.. You will definitely love social concierge. It seems like great fun, with a really interesting and nice mix of people and it gets our thumbs up!!


Annie PalmerAnnie PalmerFebruary 8, 2016


Holding hands into old age, laughing at your partner’s jokes even when you don’t find them funny and knowing when to bite your tongue — that’s true love, according to those who’ve experienced it the longest.

A study of 2,000 over 50’s explored the real extent of the ‘for better for worse’ elements of long-lasting love to unveil 50 signs of the real thing- with building a home together and not being afraid to show vulnerability high on the list.

While kissing at least seven times a week was critical to keeping the fire burning year after year.

Researchers delved into the intricacies of a successful relationship and unearthed the 50 most popular responses to the question ‘what is love?’.

Saying ‘I love you’ at least nine times a week was also integral to long-term happiness, results showed.

Encouraging silliness in one another, learning to get along with the in-laws and avoiding jealousy if the other person spends time with the opposite sex were also deemed key factors in cementing a long-lasting love.

Only nine per cent believe in love at first sight, but just under half of those polled went as far as to say they believed in the concept of ‘the one’ when it comes to romance.

Results showed that home really is where the heart is – when quizzed on their favourite memories with their partner, Brits were most likely to cite ‘just being at home with them’, with two thirds saying these beat holidays, birthdays and Christmases.

Nine in ten think making a home together is what real love is all about and one in six people proposed to their partner in the living room.

But love doesn’t always come easily and over half (56 per cent) feel they don’t fall in love easily.

49 per cent of Brits said they would choose falling in love over winning the lottery, results showed – although more than a quarter (29 per cent) would rather take the cash.

Nearly a quarter of those retired said the best thing about not having to work was getting spend quality time with the person they loved.

While two thirds thought love definitely gets stronger with age, just one in 12 per cent thought otherwise.



1. Supporting each other through tough times
2. Building a home together
3. Not taking each other for granted
4. Missing your partner when they are away
5. Remembering the little things
6. Not being afraid to show weakness
7. Being ‘in tune’ with each other
8. When you can comfortably sit in silence
9. Agreeing to disagree sometimes
10. Knowing when something is wrong
11. Holding hands while in your fifties and later
12. Wanting them to let you know they arrived safely after a long journey
13. Being able to confide in them about anything
14. Valuing your partner’s needs over your own
15. Laughing at each other’s jokes – even if not funny
16. Going for a long walk together
17. Worrying for their safety when they go on a night out/away
18. Making tea/coffee for each other
19. Feeling comfortable discussing medical or health issues
20. Remembering life is for living
21. Encouraging your partner in their career
22. Supporting each other when parenting
23. Not having to dress to impress them
24. Knowing when to bite your tongue
25. Having adventures together
26. Suffering no embarrassment at total nudity with each other
27. Encouraging silliness in each other
28. Arranging surprise breaks away
29. Cooking a nice mid-week dinner
30. Feeling a sense of pride at how your partner conducts themselves
31. Sitting through television/films you hate but partner likes
32. Being able to insult them without them taking it personally
33. Tidying up after yourself
34. Getting on with your in-laws no matter how difficult
35. Bringing home food (or cake) without being asked
36. Sharing your last Rolo
37. Being able to talk absolute gibberish
38. Not minding them looking at other men/women
39. Not being grossed out/ put off by anything they do
40. Recording your favourite programme for you
41. Admitting when you’re rubbish at DIY
42. Finishing each other’s sentences
43. Knowing what to order at the bar without asking
44. Boasting to other people about your partner’s achievements
45. Giving your partner control of the television
46. Watching soaps together
47. Getting up early to sort out the kids
48. Getting nice presents especially jewellery
49. Liking each other’s’ friends
50. Hating the same things

Benjamin VogtBenjamin VogtFebruary 12, 2014


The secret to a happy marriage is kissing 10 times a week, going on three dates a month – and saying ‘I love you’ on nine occasions every week, a new US survey has revealed. Researchers, who carried out a detailed study among 1,000 married Americans, also found three surprise romantic gestures and 10 deep and meaningful conversations each month are key to a harmonious relationship.

Having three shared hobbies and interests and going on two vacations a year are also among the requirements for the perfect marriage.
It also emerged many Americans believe the secret to a perfect marriage is accepting each other’s faults, trust and, importantly, being able to say sorry.
Plenty of quality time, being best friends through thick and thin, and being able to have fun together are also on the list.


A spokesman for global market researchers One Poll which commissioned the research, said:


“Anyone can get married, but it takes a lot of commitment and effort to make your marriage a perfect one.
“If you aren’t prepared to put the work in and take the rough with the smooth, you are going to struggle to find that ideal.
“Everyone wants to have a perfect marriage and it seems that the little things such as kissing and cuddling really are important.
“While they might seem insignificant, it’s the little gestures which can help couples retain their closeness and intimacy.
“If you lose this, that’s when your marriage can become stuck in a rut and lead to two unhappy or bored people.”

The study, which was carried out between January 30th and February 9th polling Americans from across the country, found the perfect marriage will also see couples have sex three times a week, and enjoy around seven cuddles during that time.

Six nights spent cuddled up in front of the TV and two nights out with their own friends each month, along with two mini-vacations a year also make a successful marriage.

Even having three arguments a month was among the list of secrets.

It also emerged that more than half were friends before they actually became a couple, and waited an average of just over three years before walking down the aisle.

The study also found that Americans consider the biggest secret of a happy marriage to be simply accepting each other’s faults.

Trust, honesty, respect and just supporting each other also featured in the top five.

Other ‘secrets’ to a perfect marriage include being kind to each other, compromising and also knowing when to give your partner some space.

Regular sex and kisses, ending an argument before going to bed and sharing the household and parenting duties are also on the list.

It also emerged that 92% of Americans consider themselves to be happily married.

But of those who aren’t, almost a quarter put it down to simply growing apart from their partner, while another 17% blame financial problems.

Not having much in common, spending little time together and affairs are also among the reasons for not being happily married.

Recipe for a perfect marriage: 

  • Saying ‘I love You’ 9 times a week
  • Kissing 10 times a week
  • 7 cuddles a week
  • Sex 3 times a week
  • 10 Deep and meaningful conversations a MONTH
  • 3 Dinner or a date nights a month
  • 2 Drinks together a month
  • 3 Arguments a month
  • 3 Surprise romantic gestures a month
  • 2 Bights out on their own with friends each month
  • Cuddle up in front of the TV together 6 times a month
  • 2 Vacations together each year
  • 2 Mini-vacations each year
  • 3 Shared hobbies and interests

Top 30 things that make up the perfect marriage

  1. Accepting each other’s faults
  2. Trust
  3. Honesty
  4. Respecting each other
  5. Supporting each other
  6. Being able to say sorry
  7. Being kind to each other
  8. Saying “I love you”
  9. Quality time together
  10. Give and take on both sides
  11. Compromising
  12. Loyalty
  13. Being best friends
  14. A positive outlook/personality
  15. Having a sense of humor
  16. Understanding
  17. Giving each other time alone
  18. Sharing the household duties
  19. Not criticizing each other in front of other people
  20. Regular sex
  21. Talking everything through
  22. Shared interests
  23. Being able to argue and forget about it soon after
  24. Remembering anniversaries and birthdays
  25. Regular kisses and cuddles/make out sessions
  26. Sharing parental duties
  27. Regular deep and meaningful conversations
  28. Ending an argument before going to bed
  29. Spontaneous romantic gestures
  30. Regular vacations together

Jeff ArmstrongJeff ArmstrongJanuary 5, 2014


The average woman will kiss 15 men, enjoy two long-term relationships and have her heartbroken twice before she meets ‘The One’, a study has revealed. Researchers found she will also suffer four disaster dates and be stood up once before she finally settles down with the man of her dreams.

But she will also have been in love twice, lived with one ex-partner and had four one night stands.

In comparison, men face being stood up twice and having six one night stands before they meet their ideal partner.

The stats emerged in a study commissioned to mark the paperback release of the international bestseller The Rosie Project – a tale of one man’s quest to find his perfect wife.

Author Graeme Simsion, said:

“It’s a reminder that the path to finding a life partner can be a long and rocky one – and indeed is for most of us.

”All of the disaster dates, mismatched relationships and awkward one night stands can leave many feeling like they are never going to meet their soul mate.

“But there’s an annoying yet wonderful randomness about it.

“All those calamities, false starts and heartbreaks never knowing when or if or how “The One” is going to appear in your life.

“Once we’ve found someone to settle down with perhaps we’re inclined to look only at the negative aspects of the dating journey.”

The study of 2,000 Brits, who say they have already met ‘The One’, found that women will also go on seven dates – as well as a further two blind dates and two dates with someone they met over the internet.


But men will enjoy eight dates, three blind dates and meet three people online.

The biggest difference between men and women lies in the number of sexual partners – with men having ten in their lifetime, compared to an average of seven for women.

The study also revealed that men will have six relationships – two of which will last more than a year, while women will have five.

Men and women both face get cheated on once in their quest to find ‘The One’ – but the average adult will also be the cheater on at least one occasion in their dating lifetime.

Brits will also go through one long distance relationship before finally settling down.

But it also emerged that almost six in ten Brits reached a point where they felt they were never going to find ‘The One’.

And another 59 per cent said they think their path to their ‘Happy Ever After’ was a difficult one.

Eight in ten adults said they met the one when they least expected it, while more than a quarter said their current partner isn’t the type of person they thought they would settle down with.

More than half would even describe their partner as their complete opposite.

Researchers also found that while 94% of women believe in true love, just 88% of men feel the same way.

Mr. Simsion added:

”Unlike most people in the survey the protagonist in my novel has never had a second date but he’s convinced he just hasn’t found the right woman.

”The story was inspired by a friend’s struggle to find a partner and although it’s a romantic comedy, I hope it raises some questions about how we categorise and idealise people and about the search for connection.”

The Rosie Project tells the story of a socially challenged genetics professor, Don Tillman, who decides to look for a wife, drawing up a “scientifically valid” questionnaire to assist his quest for the perfect woman.

Rosie Jarman checks none of the boxes on Don’s questionnaire. She’s a drinker, a smoker, vegetarian, late-arriver…

‘The Wife Project’ teaches Don some unexpected things. Why earlobe length is an inadequate predictor of sexual attraction. Why quick-dry clothes aren’t appropriate attire in New York. Why he’s never been on a second date. And why, despite your best scientific efforts, you don’t find love: love finds you.’
Pathway to meeting ‘The One’

Women Men
Number of relationships 7 8
Disaster dates 4 4
Blind dates 2 3
Stood up on a date 1 2
Online dates 2 3
Number of kisses 15 16
Sexual partner 7 10
One night stands 4 6
Relationships (year or less) 3 4
Relationships (year or more) 2 2
Partners lived with 1 1
Falling in love 2 2
Heart break 2 2
Times cheated on 1 1
Times cheater 1 1
Long distance relationships 1 1

Posted by Ben Harrow

Jeff ArmstrongJeff ArmstrongJune 17, 2013


A lifetime of dating will feature 13 first dates, 11 romantic dinners – and seven ‘disasters’ before we finally meet ‘the one’, a study has revealed. Researchers also discovered the average adult will spend almost £11,000 on dating before they finally walk down the aisle – not including the wedding itself.

The first year of a relationship is actually the most expensive, thanks to regular costly dates and constant gifts to impress a new partner – during the first 12 months of a relationship, the average singleton will spend £3,629.

This bill will then drop by a £1,000 during the second year to £2,760, as couples settle into their relationship and spend less on schmoozing.

A spokesman added  ”It seems the dating game is a costly one for us Brits wanting to impress in the first forays of a relationship.

”When you add up the amount you will spend before you finally marry ‘the one’, the cost can be staggering, so it is no wonder splitting the cost of courtship is becoming more common.

”And it seems the money we spend isn’t just on the date itself. Many use it as an opportunity to treat themselves to a new outfit, beauty treatment or haircut, not to mention the gift purchased to really impress their potential partner.”

The study also found that the cost of dating rises again after an engagement – as the average fiancé can expect to spend £3,012 on dates between the engagement and big day.

That one special person is probably worth it, though – the average man will date 13 different people and a woman will date ten different people before finding their soul-mate.

During each first date, men will spend around £16 on gifts such as flowers or chocolates in the hope to win over their new potential love, and an extravagant one in five have even taken a date abroad in an attempt to really impress them.

These holiday dates end up costing us £760 a time, so aren’t quite as popular as a trip to the cinema.

But parting with the massive amount of money doesn’t guarantee a good date, as the results also found that, on average, we’ll endure around seven ‘disaster’ dates during our dating lifetime.

One quarter of people have had to get a friend to call or text them with a ‘fake’ emergency to give them an excuse to leave an awkward date.


First dates: £104.21 per date. Average of 13 first dates = £1,354.73 before meeting the one

First year of a relationship: £151.19 per date/24 dates during the first year = £3,628.56

Second year of relationship: £131.39 per date/21 dates during the second year = £2,759.19

Engagement to marriage: £120.49 per date/25 dates from getting engaged to getting married = £3,012.25

Total cost of dating: £10,754.73

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