Jade RatcliffeJade RatcliffeSeptember 21, 2015


Vinyl bar, Turntable is trendy, swish and known for hosting unforgettable events with world famous DJs. On Thursday 24th September former Radio 1 DJ and Cream resident Seb Fontaine, will be performing at stylish central London bar and restaurant from 6.30pm-1.00am.

Over the summer Seb has been in high demand, being pulled back and forth between venues on the festival front. But it’s no wonder he’s the name on every ones lips! Last year he orchestrated after-parties in Singapore for Aerosmith and CeeLo Green, as well as recently playing at Twickenham to a record breaking 78,000 fans at the World Sevens.

Seb has held numerous high-profile House residencies at prestigious clubs including Hanover Grand, Ministry Of Sound and Cream. On top of releasing several best-selling compilation albums and over 50 hits, he opened for J-Lo in Dubai at the Meydan World Cup. You may remember him from presenting a weekly show on Radio One or DJing at ‘The Brits’ after party for Sony Music earlier this year.

His musical enthusiasm and knowledge blends a fabulous mix of styles both old and new, which makes his Turntable show a must-see. Dine on a succulent two-course masterpiece and quench your thirst with a delicious glass of wine, before discovering music to your ears with Seb’s world famous electric house grooves in a one off event.

Due to popular demand you’ll have to act fast! Tickets are on a first come first serve basis and are selling like hot cakes. Get yours now for just £39, which includes a two-course meal, glass of wine and night to remember.

Seb Fontaine is playing at Turntable 7-9 Norwich Street, EC4 1EJ on Thursday, September 24 from 8.30pm-10.30pm.

Turntable restaurant is open Tuesdays-Fridays noon-3pm and 6.30pm-11.30pm, with the bar open from 5pm-1am Tuesdays and Wednesdays and 5pm-3am Thursdays and Fridays.

For reservations please call 020 7112 9179 or email









Kristina FosterKristina FosterJuly 8, 2014


We caught up with one of London’s hottest up and coming club DJs, DJ Vik Toreus.


CM: At what stage in your life did you realise that you had a passion for playing music?

DJ Vik Toreus: At about seven or eight years old I started learning guitar and piano and I’ve always been interested in music, which slowly led to where I am today


CM: What inspires you?

DJ Vik Toreus: There were no DJ’s that particularly excited me but more the experience of the nightlife and seeing people perform, but when I started getting into it and practicing and doing gigs, I started following DJ’s more and more.


CM: I listened to your Blueberry Nation compilation mix, sound cloud, very eclectic, how would you describe your musical style.

DJ Vik Toreus: A mishmash of different genres, I play a bit of everything so it’s hard to narrow it down to one particular style, but generally I like to play happy, uplifting music. It’s a combination of house, RnB, old skool hip-hop, things that make people happy.


CM: The name ‘DJ Vik Toreus’…how did you come up with it?

DJ Vik Toreus: My real name is Vik. I’d been DJing for years with HV entertainment, a mobile disco company that I run with a business partner. I never really had a DJ title but when I started getting more into clubs I needed to make more of a brand name for myself. DJ Vick was a bit too clichéd, it wasn’t something that stood out. I went a bit back and forth over it because I didn’t want to make something completely fake. I wanted a cool name that had a part of me in it. I stuck with DJ Vik Toreus and I think it rolls off the tongue quite easily! Now all my friends are calling me DJ Vik Toreus, so it was the right choice.


CM: The name almost sounds like an alter ego, would you say that playing music makes you act different than in every day life?

DJ Vik Toreus: I don’t think it’s an alter ego but when I DJ it’s quite similar to how I am in person. They the way I dress, my image it’s how I am in person when I go out. It’s not like I’m quiet in the day or crazy in the night!


CM: Okay so your Blueberry nation mix CD is out on the 31st of July, can you tell us what people should expect? 

DJ Vik Toreus: It’s being presented at the National Luxury & Lifestyle awards poll winners party so it’s being launched on that day. We’ll be handing out copies at the event. It’s going to be similar to the usual stuff, commercial deep-house, RnB, still very eclectic, very easy listening, something you can pop in to your car and listen too while you’re driving or at the gym.


CM: Top 3 venues you’ve played at?

DJ Vik Toreus: Home House London, Shaka Zulu in Camden, and a tie between Pacha London and the O2


CM: What are you’re top three international destinations to play at in the future?

DJ Vik Toreus: Las Vegas, Ibiza and…China.


CM: China?? That’s very interesting…

I’ve been there a few times on vacation and there’s a market out there which a lot of people don’t realise, but they are very into the same kind of music that we’re into like hip-hop, RnB and house music. They have a lot of energy, they want to party and there’s a lot of talent out there.


CM: What are you listening to on your Ipod at this present moment?

DJ Vik Toreus: Jeremiah, Don’t tell ‘em,


CM: Worst songs of all time?

DJ Vik Toreus: Aqua- Barbie girl and Bob the builder


CM: Let’s play the “either/or” game?

CM: Beach or city?


CM: Tina Turner or Lana del Rey?

Tina Turner

CM: Mac or PC?


CM: Ketchup or Mayonnaise?



DJ Vik Toreus’s Blueberry Nation mix CD is out on the 31st of July . Catch Vik Toreus live at the National Luxury Lifestyle Awards Poll winners party on the 31st of July 2014 @ No.41 , Mayfair. W1

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