Justine PhilipponJustine PhilipponJuly 26, 2017


In Tuscany, the specialty is the Fiorentina: an enormous and succulent T-bone steak (imagine a prime rib, but twice as cool, with two beef tenderloins on either side of a big cheeky bone) cooked, in respect to tradition, on the grill. In this region, they always say that if the steak isn’t more than three fingers thick, it’s a carpaccio.

Since the beginning of the Big Mamma adventure, they have gotten their kicks out of exploring new fields of Italian gastronomy. And when their own chef Rocco came home from a weekend in Florence and told them about the incredible T-bone that he’d eaten at Da Mario, they just couldn’t help themselves.

They have a 3-metre long barbecue (size does matter) on which they grill 1kg T-bone steaks and 1.3kg Tomahawk steaks, using a mix of Cherrywood and quebracho to infuse the meat with unparalleled flavour. But the recipe is pure Tuscan tradition.

They have taken over the meat production from A to Z: easy

Their challenge? To serve tender, tasty, crazy good meat 2 to 3 times cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere. To do so, they buy the beasts whole, cook every part and eat the whole animal. It helps that they feed the animals themselves to obtain extraordinarily tender corn-fed meat, and that they mature the meat for at least 30 days to give it epic flavour and depth.

It doesn’t hurt them to know that buying the animals whole is more responsible and they were also disappointed with the quality/price ratio of the meat they were finding.

These days, if you want to eat hormone-free that was raised with love, either you can’t find it or it costs a fortune. That’s why they recreated their own industry from A to Z, with their own cows and their breeder in France. They made an exception to their 100% Italian rule, because the best meat is found in France. In fact, even the Italians get their meat from here.

They want to serve quality meat, that they are proud to serve to our children and at a price that’s accessible to more than just the dudes who created Google.

Johana BaldellaJohana BaldellaMay 10, 2017


The Ivy Chelsea Garden hosts Annual Garden Party to celebrate the opening of The Summer Harden

Tuesday 9 May saw a host of The Ivy Chelsea Garden’s regulars, local residents, influencers and famous guests, including Jeremy Irvine, Lottie Moss, Miranda Richardson, Talulah Riley and Amber Le Bon, gather together to celebrate The Ivy Chelsea Garden’s annual garden party and the opening of the summer garden, two years after the restaurant’s opening in 2015.



Hosted in the restaurant’s beautiful and extensive gardens and orangery, guests were treated to The Ivy Collection’s exclusive Champagne, refreshing and bespoke ‘Chelsea Summer Blush’ cocktails and Rock Angel Rosé by Whispering Angel, as well as a selection of delicious canapés created by Executive Chef Sean Burbidge. For those with a sweeter tooth, an array of cooling ice cream was provided by Ice Cream Union, complete with its very own bicycle that was situated within the garden.

During the evening, guests enjoyed live music by acoustic band, Swing Petite Band, whilst exploring the restaurant’s recently-revealed summer garden, featuring climbing wisteria, a central water fountain feature, rose arches and a variety of colourful summer blossoms, officially marking the start of the summer season in Chelsea.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden remains a Chelsea stalwart for local residents and as a destination for those travelling from further afield, marrying approachable sophistication and familiar luxury with an underlying feeling of glamour and theatre.


Jordan KensingtonJordan KensingtonApril 12, 2017


Charles Weaving is currently Managing Partner at the Dubai based global venture capital group, Foxhole Holdings, which manages a portfolio of global investments across a variety of sectors including: lifestyle, food & beverage, commercial real estate, fashion retail and technology. With an ethos of humility and hard work created by three close friends, Foxhole Holdings is derived from the World War II meaning Defensive Fighting Position. The company has a global presence with current projects in Dubai, India, London and Ibiza, and employs an international team of seasoned and innovative professionals.  Their in-depth experience in the Middle East and Europe offers stakeholders consistent and sustainable business models, solutions and results. The business works with internationally recognized names, including popular global restaurant brand STK, as well as many organically grown regional brands.

Foxhole Holdings is expanding into new business areas. With an all-male board of directors, interestingly the company has a large portfolio of women-related businesses such as Ladies Only Spas in Dubai, Ladies fashion secrets business ‘Glamouflage” and online fast fashion website ‘I Saw It First’. Foxhole Holdings is still rapidly expanding with Weaving aiming to own and manage 50 companies across all sectors.

Can you tell us a little bit about Foxhole Holdings?

We started Foxhole Holdings two years ago. Foxhole Holdings is a private firm based in Dubai. We are three young guys running different businesses all over the globe in lot of different sectors. We decided to merge everything together under the Foxhole title and we have chosen Dubai as their main base because it is right in the middle of the World and there are a lot of talented people there.

How did the One Group partnership come about?

We were familiar with STK and the brand, we know it from America (Los Angeles, Las Vegas…) and we just love this brand. We did not have anything upper the Marina side of Ibiza, it was an incredible opportunity. We contacted The One Group – they were familiar with what we were doing anyway. We were the first people to buy a license from the group. STK Ibiza was the first one and we plan to do a lot of business with The One Group.

Image result for stk ibiza

You are launching a new club in Dubai. How do you intend to make it unique given the competitive market out there?

We have done a joint venture with the Bulldozer Group and we will open Base Club Dubai shortly. We focus mainly on trading and retail businesses and in the last two  years we tested and received great results. Now, we  have decided to take it to the next level especially with the fashion brand ‘I saw it first’ and the club.

Is your fashion brand going to include other labels or a white label for your brand?

Yes, but it will still be our own brand. Most of the production comes from the UK, which is a real hope for fashion.

That’s amazing. What is your timeline to launch?

By the end of May it will be completely finished. It will be possible to order all across Europe, Australia and America from the UK and all across the Middle East from Dubai. We focus on the income business in the Middle East (it is a strategic relationship).

Image result for stk ibiza

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

Yes and I sat in a spa the other day after a long trip and it got me thinking that. Now, I am actually living the life I wanted to live and I am still going in the direction I planned to go.

Who inspired you growing up to keep you consistent in your route to success?

My dad. I didn’t go to the University, I always worked in my dad’s property as he was a hotelier. I always wanted to do business. When I stayed in Japan, I learned a totally different culture, it was very educational. Nowadays, I’m inspired by the young guys in the Silicon Valley (Snapchat, Instagram, Uber) they are really challenging the status quo.

Yes, the new generation of entrepreneurs are taking the disruption of the old model to a whole new level?

I agree and that gets me excited which is why when someone comes to me with a business proposal. We always think….will this buy us a private jet or not…?

Great…. Now, let’s get your Top 5’s ?

Top five tips for breaking a business worldwide?

  1. Stay humble
  2. Pick your partners wisely and don’t be greedy
  3. Learn and respect different cultures
  4. Work hard, you sometimes have to be a selfish person
  5. Create your business plan with the best knowledge that you got, your business plan is your guideline

“You don’t go anywhere without risking everything“

Top five countries you would like to expand to?

All across South East Asia (especially Thailand and Vietnam, maybe China) with the same concept. We already have a lot of things in Europe, India and in the Middle East. But in America, the market is too saturated.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

It is difficult to answer because we spread out in so many things, we have different ideas of investments.

 “We just want to reach for the sky“

Jeff ArmstrongJeff ArmstrongApril 10, 2017


The hotly anticipated addition to Central London’s dining scene opens 6th May 2017 and specialises in the uniquely fresh and vibrant flavours of Mexico and Peru. Situated on one of London’s most iconic squares, Leicester Square Kitchen offers contemporary small plates in a stylish and relaxed, shared dining environment.

Sister restaurant to May Fair Kitchen and Monmouth Kitchen, which is currently TripAdvisor’s number one rated Peruvian restaurant in London, Leicester Square Kitchen features an equally inventive menu, which draws on the distinctive tastes and ingredients found in contemporary Mexican and Peruvian food.

Diners can choose from signature dishes like the Mexican-inspired Mayan-spiced marinated chicken ensalada, flavoured with cashews, black lime and sesame oil, or tiger prawn soft tacos with spicy papaya habanero salsa. The Peruvian influence is clear in the Robata-grilled Pisco-glazed smoked paprika ribs and lime; Robata-seared tenderstem broccoli and charred kale and shimeji mushroom anticucho, served in a hot clay pot. Desserts also draw on the fragrant flavours of the region, featuring coconut, lime, guava and mango. Each dish is complemented by a range of cocktails, each drawing on Mexican and Peruvian roots, including an Aztec Negroni, blended with Maestro Dobel Humito and bitters, and a Chilli & Lychee Margarita which features Ilegal Joven mezcal, Kwai Feh lychee liqueur and green chilli and lime notes.

The new Leicester Square Kitchen is defined by dark architectural wall sections and enlarged windows looking onto Leicester Square and capturing the energy of red carpet events. The white bar, clad with white architectural glazed brick has a zinc top complemented by white bar chairs, where guests can either sit for a drink or dine from the live taco bar

Tables of varying heights have the definitive white calacarta marble this time with black legs and De La Espada butterfly chairs in black ash and caramel leather upholstery. This recognisable ‘Kitchen’ has a smarter edge. Hurel long benches with caramel leather pads and back rests wrap around architectural brick walls ready for guests to lean back and enjoy a tacos off white marble tables. Outside, smart black awnings with refined white stripes cover black and white Kartell chairs surrounded with black planters filled with shrubs and flowering plants that will keep pace with the seasons.

“Leicester Square Kitchen joins our portfolio of ‘Kitchens’ which includes Monmouth Kitchen and May Fair Kitchen. Like the others it offers an inventive mix of flavours offering the best contemporary shared dining with a menu that draws on the beautifully fresh, spicy flavours of Mexico and Peru. Given the iconic location, inviting interiors and innovative cuisine, we’re confident our guests will have the very best experience – whether they join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner or an evening drink”, explains Amir Jati, ex-Nobu Head of Private Dining and now Service Excellence Director for Edwardian Hotels London, owners of Leicester Square Kitchen.

Leicester Square Kitchen offers all-day dining with breakfast served from 7-10:30am Monday to Friday, and until 11am on Sundays. Lunch is from 12-3pm Monday to Friday (until 3:30pm on Sundays), while dinner is served from 5-10:45pm Sunday – Wednesday, and until 11:15pm Thursday-Saturday.




Introducing Cacciari’s who have two unique restaurants situated in both Brompton Road and Pembroke Road. We decided to pop down to the Pembroke Road offering to find out what makes this family restaurant stand out from all the others.  Upon making my way into the dinning space, the interior was a mix between traditional and contemporary.

The open planned set up enables for a socially communed environment leaving guests feeling like they are in an idyllic home away from home experience at the heart of the city.

The menu comprised of traditional Bolognian cuisine including classic Piadina, fresh homemade pasta (made in the restaurant basement by mother of co-owner, Marco!) and wood-fired pizza.

Picture of Cacciari's in Kensington, London

Great service, great food and what was most outstanding is the quality of their ingredients which  i was told  70% of it was sourced from Italy’s food capital: the Emilia Romagna region in Northern Italy. For those who remember we covered the region a few years ago (Read Chelsea Monthly goes to Emilia Romagna).  Emilia–Romagna today is considered as one of the richest and most developed regions in Europe and has the third highest GDP per capita in Italy. Bologna, the region’s capital, has one of Italy’s highest quality of life and has highly advanced and modern social services. Emilia–Romagna is also a major cultural and touristic centre, being the home of the oldest university in the Western World, containing numerous Renaissance cities (such as Modena, Parma and Ferrara). A major centre for food and automobile production (Emilia–Romagna is home of numerous iconic gastronomical and automotive industries, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ducati) and having a lively and colourful coastline, with numerous tourist resorts, such as Rimini and Riccione.

So, why not pop down to Cacciari’s for your own taste of Emila Romagna on home turf!

Cacciari’s (Pembroke Road) is situated at:
82 Pembroke Road
London W8 6NX
or visit


Jordan KensingtonJordan KensingtonAugust 3, 2014


Sandwiched between the up-scale Mayfair , Down Street  is El Pirata. A Spanish restaurant already a firm favourite hunt for VIP’s, celebrities and  actors such as Johnny Depp.   El Pirata offers good food,  excellent service, authentic flavours and a great atmosphere. Enjoy your lunch or dinner on the lively ground-floor room surrounded by mirrors and Picasso prints, or during this brilliant summer weather, why not book  a table outside and enjoy the cool breeze whilst indulging into the finest Spanish cuisine.  From 4th to 9th August at El Pirata, the restaurant is paying tribute to the glorious gastronomy of Valencia with a range of traditional dishes from the region. The south-western Spanish province of Valencia is most famous for its rice dishes, including the ever-popular paella. With a wealth of produce grown in the fertile fields around the eponymous capital, not to mention abundant fish and seafood from the Mediterranean, Valencia’s cuisine makes the most of fresh ingredients to create wonderful, flavoursome fare.

For more information visit: Elpirata


Elpirata ,5-6 Down Street, London W1J  7AQ

Kristina FosterKristina FosterJune 16, 2014


At a brief glance, it is easy to mistake The Phoenix, with its plain wood and brick exterior, as a run-of-the-mill pub that sits unostentatiously on Smith Street, a small walk from the Kings Road. But as one of the Geronimo Inns chain’s newest successes, it achieves the stylish yet modern country pub feel that the brand is known for. The bar area is instantly more colorful. It almost resembles your parents’ living room, with slouchy couches and rustic bookshelves which make you want to bring a blanket and have an afternoon read. The wooden floors and tables, mismatched chairs, higgledy-piggledy vases and chalkboard menu all add to this homely atmosphere. The vibe is different from the usual trendy Chelsea gastro pub in that it actually feels more like a local haunt with people coming in for the odd pint rather than large after-work regroups.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 12.45.21

Yet in a separate section at the back of the venue, the restaurant, with its menu changing every week, makes it so that even the regulars refrain from ordering ‘the usual’. The food observes summer flavors that compliment the fresh and modern interior. It varies from light dishes such as chilled red pepper and tomato soup with Greek yoghurt or ham hock, goat’s cheese and broad bean salad to more substantial plates of steak frites or wild boar and apple sausages.

It is clear that the food is the usual British celebration, adhering to fresh produce and preparation. So far, it all recalls a feeling of coming home for a Sunday lunch, yet the drinks are surprisingly cosmopolitan. From Caipirinhas to Pisco Sours, the cocktail menu has a distinctly South American taste in honor of the World Cup as the drinks, like the menu, are constantly in revolution.

A cool environment for summer but surely just as welcoming in winter with the restaurant’s open fireplace roaring into life. Familiar yet exciting, The Phoenix offers the delights of home with a few foreign twists to give a relaxed but refreshing experience.

LaurencelaurenceNovember 25, 2012


If you were in London last Wednesday you’d know it was grey and rainy, as you would expect it to be mid-week. So when I got a call from work inviting me to review the seven-course taster meal launching at The Cumberland’s new restaurant W1 by head chef Paul Welburn, you can imagine my face lighting up like we all wish the skies did that day.

The first thing that struck me visually about the restaurant were the chandeliers, where crystal beads hung round the light, which caused hints of blue green and red to refract through the gently lit room. This magically set the mood, which served only to entice my imagination for the flavours to come. The anticipation built, as did the empty champagne glasses on the bar, before finally Paul, the head chef, made an appearance and humbly introduced himself and launched W1. He also, rather touchingly, dedicated his menu to the two chefs from ‘The Fat Duck’ who died earlier this week, before moving on to welcome us and usher us to our seats and to the first course.

My colleague Jonny and I sat at a four table and were lucky enough to dine with Sophie and Rhone (South African, I hope I’ve spelled it right), who clearly shared our passion for good food.

The first course arrived, an English carrot mousse with salted walnuts, burnt orange and coriander. I’ve had dishes similar to this in the past, however none so light and delicate, I felt it was a fantastic way to break the palette; a subtle blend of sweet and savoury which achieved exactly what the chef had set out to do. As enthralled as I was by the course, there was an element of mystery to it, the blend of flavours was so composite it was difficult to separate and understand. Quite the bemuse bouche.

The courses followed on one after another, each more welcome than the last. One course which stood out was the foie gras with parfait, pineapple, duck ham and monbazillac, which usually I would have reservations about eating, just from bad experiences as a young child and my father trying to mature my tastes too soon. However in the hands of Paul Welburn the dish was divine and I might even consider eating it a second time.

To each course was it ‘s own wine, well chosen, effectively complimentary of the course it was sharing. A particular favourite of the night, and not just from myself was the Lagrein, alongside the Squab pigeon.

The highlight of the meal had to have been the monkfish, perfectly cooked and exuding flavour. Even the way my knife managed to delicately cut through the morsel had an incredibly appealing aesthetic, which only served to further drive my appetite. The Squab Pigeon with a confit leg, cep risotto and espresso jus was equally delightful. Though the monkfish was a tough act to follow, I felt it held up well.

Lastly the deserts were split into two taster courses, the first being a Chocolate cremeux, soil, peanut and salted caramel, and the second a pear, hazelnut, Brillat saverin, and anise syrup. If I had to find one fault throughout the entire night I would say that the wafer of caramel covering the chocolate, whilst a good idea and perfectly complimenting the rest of the textures and flavours, was annoying to have stuck to my teeth after everything, but maybe that’s just me and my irrational fear of fillings.

The contour of textures and flavours throughout the evening was well structured; every course flowed from the previous and led to the next with a precision that gratified whilst keeping you guessing as to exactly what was to come. Honestly I believe that the dining experience here has been perfected, as by the end of the meal every one of my expectations and desires had been skilfully satisfied leaving me content to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Paul and indeed all the staff at the W1 should be proud of a successful launch, and the delicious taster menu we enjoyed that night. I sincerely hope I get the time to visit again and the chance to compliment the chef myself. Highly recommended.

Niki ArestiNiki ArestiDecember 8, 2011


Location:45 London Wall  The City, City of London EC2M 5TE
The word ‘Mehek’ means ‘fragrance’ and true to its name Mehek has created a
wonderful aroma of high quality Indian cuisine in the City of London. Mehek
offers a more sophisticated dining experience for those who are seeking to
explore beyond the ordinary and discover the full potential of Indian fine
dining. The Menu takes you on a journey across the different regions of Indian
Subcontinent to present a superb combination of vibrant dishes. And from the
many regional variations of Indian cooking that provide a wide choice of cooking
styles, the head chef has matched each dish with a style to bring out the
distinct flavours and fragrances of the dish to tantalise the senses. Highly
experienced and adventurous gourmet themselves, The Chefs have an obsession for
cooking and serving exciting and delicious food from the extensive range of
sub-continental recipes.

Mehek features a luxurious restaurant with a warm ambience. It boasts a large
bar with a friendly atmosphere and an excellent selection of wines and spirits.
Star rating : 4/5  ****


Niki ArestiNiki ArestiOctober 18, 2011


On entry it is clear that Satsuma has been recently renovated, the decor is contemporary with a clean cut design, incorporating bold segments of orange. The vibe around the restaurant, which is filled with groups of chatty young professionals, is a relaxed buzz generated by those who have clearly discovered an urban and exciting place to dine.

The distinctively visual menu is tempting as each dish is accompanied by a photo. The attentive waiting staff deliver well presented food, which is truly full of flavour. If you have time ensure you order a starter as the perfectly sized portion leaves you eager for your next course.

The Japanese restaurant specialises in Katsu, offering a range of options to suit all; chicken, pork, salmon and prawn etc. A personal favourite was the Salmon Teriyaki starter, cooked to excellence, being mouth-watering in taste and delicate in texture, it is a dish that any menu picture will not be able to do justice. For the more adventurous customer the Eel Maki Roll starter is equally delicious.

Satsuma leaves you feeling perfectly full, without being heavy and set for a night out, but if you’d rather a night-in the restaurant also provides a take-away service. Although it may be easy to walk past on London’s busy street we suggest that you do walk in.

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