Trials Frontier


Overall Plot

All the excitement and adrenaline pumping action from the Trials franchise now in the palm of your hand! And for free! RedLynx’ Trials Frontier, created in tandem with their new successful game Trials Fusion, sees you as a rider who- due to a cave collapse- is stuck in a Western town. The people of the town are quick to explain the situation, and as you work toward getting a better bike and going back home you are taught of the town’s history with a thief named Butch. In true RPG style you set out to help the village people get revenge against Butch by locating him and beating him in a race, while getting hints that maybe Butch isn’t the only bad guy in this story.


Immediately after pushing the app icon, you are put into control of the rider who is driving through a cave, here you get time to adapt to the game’s controls: hold one side of the screen to accelerate and push two arrows on the other side to control the direction of your lean, the basic controls of all trials games. At the end of the level the cave collapses and your ragdoll driver gets crushed by the rocks. Then you get awoken by the town’s mayor and she explains most of what happened. The game then reveals different features by having you discover them during quests, and the features are:

– Going to different races costs fuel, and fuel is limited, but it refills after some time.

-Levelling up increases your fuel tank.

-You can buy and upgrade bikes using blue-prints given by characters.

-You get gems, and with them you can refill your tank or speed up processes (like the time it takes to build a bike)

-Parts are required to make other bikes, they can be bought in the shop for coins (which you earn from checkpoints in races) or if you don’t have coins, use gems. Old parts can also be merged to make better versions of the part, better versions are needed to complete certain quests, but the game always has a track that allows you to get the part from the ‘Loot Wheel’.

-The loot wheel is where you get quest items, gems and parts and it is in the style of the wheel of fortune.

There are also many more interesting features that you unlock after doing quests, these features are later in the game which ensure that the game always has something new so that you do not get bored which is always a good thing.


The game looks very good and stylized, the 3D graphics are simple but they all fit together very nicely to make great looking scenery and make you forget that it’s just an App that you’re playing. The user interface is very well done and stylized to look western, with the illustrations of the characters being the best as they all show you exactly what kind of character it is.

Free to play or Pay to win?

Paying for things in this game is not required in order for you to win. The only reason you’d use money is so that you don’t have to wait a lot in order to progress (because filling up fuel, building bike parts and making coins to pay for parts does take quite a while). The gems that you can buy can also be won in the game which makes it even less necessary to pay.

However, the game does make you wait quite a lot generally, so if you want to play it on a really long journey you need to have some way of refilling fuel so that you can at least play more races for fun.

The Quests

The quests are simple but very varied. They involve you: getting items, doing a certain amount of moves (backflips, front flips, etc.), winning a race against time, getting items while having to win a the race against the rival (if you lose the race you have to restart and pay more fuel). They are also all given by different characters so you don’t get stuck having to do a quest. Some quests are however compulsory in order to advance the story, and it becomes obvious which character pushes the game forward as you play.

The Bike Variety

The game has quite a lot of bikes (for an app), and there are two categories for the bikes, the second category is what is used later in the game mainly as some races are restricted to this category (the races are said to be further away and the second category has the power to go that far).

You can also customize the bikes’ performance by buying parts, however, this feature becomes underused as you earn new bikes as it is just better to get the latest bike rather than upgrade a bike that you won before, the only reason to upgrade is so that you are certain you are going to win against the enemy.

The Characters

The story and the characters are all very well fleshed out, except for the fact that we don’t know who is related by blood and how they are there in the first place, but that’s not much of an issue. The characters also have certain features very exaggerated to make the character more distinct, like one will only do things to do with candy and the other will only care for silver.

Overall, the game is quite enjoyable to play, even if you don’t intend on finishing it, it is a good time killer for when you’re bored or on a journey.