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A Tribute to the Water Sponsor for the 10th National Film Awards


In an era where sustainability and environmental responsibility are more than just buzzwords, NEO WTR stands out as a pioneer in the soft drinks industry. As the first brand in Europe to use bottles made entirely from Prevented Ocean Plastic™, NEO WTR is on a mission to make a tangible, positive impact on the environment. Their innovative approach to tackling plastic pollution sets a new standard in the beverage sector, and their commitment to both

NEO WTR’s dedication to sustainability is evident in every 500ml bottle they produce. Each bottle is crafted from recycled plastic, specifically sourced from at-risk coastlines and rivers, areas that are the primary contributors to ocean plastic pollution. By intercepting this discarded plastic before it can reach the ocean, NEO WTR is not only reducing the environmental footprint of their products but also addressing a critical global issue at its source.

The statistics are striking: every NEO WTR bottle is made from the plastic equivalent of 1.7 bottles collected from vulnerable coastlines. This effort is part of a broader initiative where local communities are engaged in the collection process. These community members are paid fair wages for their work, providing them with an opportunity to improve their quality of life. Furthermore, the program reinvests money into building recycling infrastructure in areas that need it most, creating a sustainable cycle of environmental and economic benefits.

NEO WTR offers a range of refreshing soft drinks that are as good for the consumer as they are for the planet. Their commitment to quality means that each beverage is crafted with care, using high-quality ingredients that deliver on both taste and nutritional value. From hydrating waters to flavourful infusions, NEO WTR’s product line up caters to a variety of preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Consumers can enjoy their favourite NEO WTR drink with the added satisfaction of knowing they are contributing to a healthier planet. This seamless blend of quality and sustainability has helped NEO WTR build a loyal customer base that values both great taste and environmental responsibility.

In a move that underscores their growing influence and commitment to broader outreach, NEO WTR has recently partnered with the National Film Awards. This collaboration is a significant milestone for the brand, enhancing its visibility and appeal among new and diverse audiences.

The partnership with the National Film Awards not only elevates NEO WTR’s brand profile but also aligns it with a prestigious event known for celebrating excellence and creativity. This association provides an excellent platform for NEO WTR to showcase their innovative products and their impactful environmental mission to a wider audience, including influencers, celebrities, and industry leaders.

As NEO WTR continues to expand, their vision remains clear: to lead the soft drinks industry towards a more sustainable future. Their pioneering use of Prevented Ocean Plastic™ and commitment to supporting local communities exemplify a holistic approach to business that prioritizes people and the planet alongside profit.

NEO WTR’s ongoing efforts to reduce plastic pollution, coupled with their high-quality, refreshing beverages, position them as a leader in the sustainable product space. Their recent partnership with the National Film Awards marks a new chapter in their journey, one that promises to bring their message of environmental stewardship and quality refreshment to even more consumers.

For those seeking a beverage that not only quenches their thirst but also supports a greater cause, NEO WTR is the perfect choice. With each sip, you’re contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet and supporting communities in need. NEO WTR – truly good for people, good for the planet.