The Fairdowells new single is exactly the kind of love song the world needs to hear right now


The Fairdowells are a modern indie-folk duo from Cleveland, Ohio comprised of marriage & family therapist Lauren Morgan and multi-instrumentalist Adam Reifsnyder. The duo was recently discovered on NewRockStars, a music blog the shines a light on new music from both major label and unsigned artists on the rise.

The unsigned duo has just recently released their brand new single Old Fashioned Love” from their latest EP, Origins.

“Old Fashioned Love” is a song that has a sense of unfiltered passion that accompanies every lyric with every note. The words melt together beautifully and there is a warmth to the harmonies that does not allow us to stray too far from the larger meaning in the music.

The song opens with the lyrics “when we first met, I was so courteous and charmed by you…” and charmed is exactly how you feel about this love song the first time you hit play. The chorus adds to the balance with the words “it’s you my darling you. I had a dream when I lay down at night, I opened my eyes, and I’d come to find you, all my dreams came true”. 

The lyrics are simple, but convey emotions that speak of true love. “Old Fashioned Love” has a unique acoustic folk sound to it reminiscent of popular 2013- 2016 indie music. However, they have taken this sound and made it fresh and comforting to hear in 2020-the year of global pandemics and isolation.

Listening to this song, you feel as though love, light, and success is attainable. There is a sense of racing and chasing down the dream of a relationship that comprises of the meeting of two souls who see eye to eye and speak the true language of love. The guitar tone is heavy, but not oppressive. The percussion hovers, with crisp cymbal movement, gravitating towards the vocals and bass guitar. A presumed organ electrifies, shifting some of the focus to its slightly macabre sonic push. Both Lauren and Adam’s vocals emerge melodically and the love story is something that we all wish for especially now as we all find ourselves yearning for more connections during this dark time of legal lock downs and enforced insolation.

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