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Conventional mouthwash vs mouthwash which contains alcohol !!


First of all, what on earth is a microbiome? Oral microbiome is the organisms in your mouth and exist to support the remineralisation of your teeth. When mouthwash is used, it kills all the bacteria in your mouth which sounds like a good thing but it kills ALL the bacteria, bad and good! Your mouth needs good bacteria to support the oral microbiome which decreases the risk of gingivitis, cavities and bad breath! Seriously, what is the point of mouthwash containing alcohol?

Saliva also supports remineralisation, it cleans your teeth and washes important minerals, such as calcium and phosphate, over your teeth. Mouthwash containing alcohol dries out your saliva, taking these important minerals away from your mouth. Traditional mouthwash contains around 26% alcohol (that’s higher than beer). You know that horrible dry mouth feeling of drinking alcohol, that’s what is happening when you use mouthwash that contains alcohol.

Traditional mouthwashes use a variety of, quite frankly disturbing ingredients, such as formaldehyde (what is used to embalm dead bodies)! Chlorine Dioxide (the gas commonly used to disinfect water supplies), as well as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Polysorbate, Cetylpyridinium Chloride and Benzalkonium Chloride which are all problematic ingredients used in conventional mouthwashes. All of these are toxic to organisms in aquatic environments where they all end up when you spit them down the sink.

Not to mention that most traditional mouthwashes come in plastic bottles and yes some of them may be recyclable but what about the environmental factors of making the plastic in the first place?
Comparison showing 7 plastic bottles is the equivalent to 1 of our glass jars.

In conclusion, mouthwashes containing alcohol are extremely bad for your oral health and for the environment so what can you do?

That’s where Georganics come in to save the day. Our mouthwash tablets are free from synthetic ingredients and colourants, with all natural ingredients so you can maintain good oral health with no nasty chemicals. Our tablets are a sustainable alternative to traditional mouthwashes as they avoid unnecessary transportation of water. Our mouthwash tablets also come in glass jars that can be recycled or up-cycled, we love to see how creative our customers get with reusing their jars and compostable packaging, as you can see below.

Plants growing in our compostable packaging.

Our mouthwash tablets come in a variety of flavours that include Eucalyptus and English Peppermint used for its antibacterial properties, Spearmint for its antiseptic properties, Tea Tree for its antiviral properties, Orange that kids love, and Activated Charcoal for it’s stain removing properties which shows there’s no need for harsh chemicals to get amazing results!

Hand reaching for our Spearmint Mouthwash Tablets, in front of leaves on a green kraft background.

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