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Radiant Elegance Unveiled: An interview with Izabela Krawczyk founder of Izabela Couture

  1. What inspired you to start creating luxury haute couture pieces?

I come from a family deeply entrenched in the world of fashion. My grandmother, always sewing, would spend hours finishing every seam by hand, and I remember how my eyes would light up watching her meticulous craftsmanship. My mother owns a fashion house, so the world of haute couture was always close to my heart. I have adored luxury for as long as I can remember, even if it seemed unusual to those around me while I was growing up. Despite the prevailing trends of my youth, my heart always longed for the elegance and sophistication of haute couture.

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  1. Could you share the core values that drive Izabela Couture’s haute couture designs?

At Izabela Couture, our atelier is dedicated to curating an unparalleled luxury experience for our clients, indulging them in the most exquisite ways possible. Our core values are rooted in the pursuit of the highest-level craftsmanship, an unwavering focus on finesse and elegance, and a meticulous attention to reflecting the individual personality of each client within our designs. Every piece we create is a testament to these values, embodying the perfect harmony of artistry and personalized luxury.

  1. What role does innovation play in your haute couture designs and creative process?

For me, innovation must come hand-in-hand with respect for tradition. Although we aim to create original silhouettes and looks that uniquely work for our clients, we do with the highest respect to the age-old couture techniques. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be making such timeless pieces.

  1. How do you ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail in your haute couture pieces?

I’ll let you in on our secret – it’s teamwork. We employ some of the finest, most experienced specialists in dressmaking London has to offer who work together to ensure the high level of craftsmanship of each garment. This is then combined with the extensive process of consistent fit checks – first on the mannequin which we shape to each body, and then the fittings that we conduct with every client.

  1. What are your future goals and aspirations for your luxury haute couture line?

My biggest dream for the atelier would be to become one of the haute couture maisons under the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. Meanwhile, I hope to keep creating women-focussed designs from the sanctuary of my studio – perhaps one day a studio with huge windows overlooking the sea? Time will tell.

  1. How do you anticipate and adapt to changing consumer preferences in the haute couture industry?

We have always taken an individual approach to each client so actively adapting is simply part of the core of our practice. This means that we adjust to the broader consumer preferences in a very organic way by remaining attuned to every person we host at our atelier.

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  1. Do you have any remarkable client success stories related to your haute couture designs?

Though I have accumulated many wonderful client success stories over the years, I trust you understand I can’t share them for the risk of being indiscreet!

  1. What challenges do you encounter in the luxury fashion industry, and how do you address them?

With how busy the couture industry tends to get, there are challenges around every corner – but we’re here to make the magic happen regardless. Adequate time management becomes crucial to achieve this. In terms of fittings, for example, we need to allow ourselves ample time to achieve the perfect fit, but on the other we must be very mindful of our clients’ busy schedules and energy levels. A similar challenge appears within designing embroidery. It’s a very time-consuming technique (which also requires a lot of patience!), so we need to account for a time-slot big enough before our otherwise tight deadline to allow the embroiderers to do their intricate work.

  1. How do you stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the world of luxury haute couture?

I try to keep in touch with what goes on in the broader couture world by attending or remotely watching catwalk shows or reading the fashion press. However, this is only supplementary in my work style. I try to stay true to my own creativity and heart rather than current trends and movements when designing.

  1. Now, you have just been announced as one of the sponsors for the prestigious 10th annual National Film Awards UK. This is an amazing achievement for your company. How excited are you to partner with the National Film Awards UK?

Being approached to become the sponsor of the 10th annual National Film Awards UK came as a bit of a surprise as it’s a venture I haven’t taken before. I am very honoured to be taking part in this wonderful event. I am now looking forward to the ceremony and to seeing some of my designs on the stage.