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Embracing a New Era in Skincare: The Ziver Organiques Story


In the dynamic landscape of skincare, a notable shift is occurring with the rise of Ziver Organiques. Founded by Tuna Ziver Yoney, a finance professional turned skincare enthusiast, this brand is spearheading what they term as “Clean Beauty 2.0.”

Tuna’s foray into skincare was a response to a growing discontent with greenwashing practices and a perceived lack of innovation within the cosmetic industry. After over 15 years in finance, his journey took an unexpected turn, fueled by a passion for change. The result? Ziver Organiques – a brand committed to upcycling, zero waste, and redefining the norms of beauty.

The name “Ziver” holds sentimental value, inspired by Tuna’s grandfather, a master quilter, while “Organiques” pays homage to France’s pioneering role in cosmetic innovation.

On a global stage, Ziver Organiques secured a significant position in the Makeup New York 2023 Beauty Tank competition, standing out among 85 global start-ups. This recognition served as validation for the brand’s viability and innovative approach.

Looking ahead, Tuna envisions Ziver Organiques gracing the shelves of major retailers like Sephora and SPACE NK. However, beyond commercial success, the brand aspires to foster a collective shift towards a circular economy, addressing plastic and food waste pollution.

What distinguishes Ziver Organiques is its commitment to transparency and impactful ingredients. For instance, their hyaluronic acid serum infused with algae biowater not only replaces fresh water usage but also delivers mineral-charged superwater with anti-aging benefits.

For those eager to be part of this skincare revolution, Ziver Organiques is gearing up for new launches. Sign up on ziverorganiques.com to stay informed or explore their current offerings on Etsy.

In a saturated beauty market, Ziver Organiques is not just a brand – it’s a transformative journey. Tuna invites us to reconsider skincare choices, emphasizing that it’s not just about looking good but also leaving a positive impact.