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Is London starting to feel like Mallorca?


Brits got up this morning feeling the heat and it is not simply due to the fact that Boris Johnson has been officially announced as our new Prime Minister. Bojo is certainly a hot topic in every regard but there has been a  need to pause and fast forward  to our weather shooting up to a whopping 32 degrees Celsius just shy of the 33 degrees Celsius currently being experienced by our friends over in the beautiful city of Mallorca. Yes, i said it. The weather right now in London is not suitable for any serious work except your work involves testing drinks for alcohol levels on Brighton beach. As i am writing this piece, i would rather be taken back to a few weeks ago when i was lounging in Mallorca sipping on a cocktail with a mixture of ‘je ne sais quoi‘ to add just for the sake of it all. Mallorca or Majorca to most is the largest island in the Balearic Island located in Spain. Like the other Balearic Islands of Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, the island is an extremely popular holiday destination, particularly for tourists from Germany and the United Kingdom. So, when Steven Wilson got on the phone to e cordially invite us to check out The Carrossa Hotel Spa Villas in Mallorca. It took me exactly zero seconds to come back with a yes, yes and triple yes.

The Carrossa Hotel Spa Villas officially launched in May 2018 and it is situated in the north east of Mallorca near the historic town of Artà, the resort with just 75 luxurious rooms and suites, has proved an attractive new destination for those looking to discover an authentic Mallorcan experience in stunning surroundings – away from the mass tourism hotspots of Mallorca.

Set against the backdrop of the rolling hills of Llevant and offering breathtaking views of the bay of Alcúdia, it’s a new and luxurious hotel experience centred around the historic manor and its first-class restaurants, bars and the elegant Carrossa Spa. We experienced this first hand when we checked in on our first day and after a quick tour we found ourselves knee deep into pre-dinner drinks followed by dinner at Bistro Badia for re-opening night. Great food, amazing service and obviously the selection of cocktails were second to none!

The next morning, we were all up early and off to a guided tour of the Caves of Arta . These caves near Arta, the North-East of Mallorca are a must-see attraction for any tourist. The guided tour comes with special effects and a surprise performance audio to add to the experience. Stalactites hang down from the high arched roof like daggers defying gravity. One of the chambers is as large as the nave of Palma Cathedral and the Queen of Pillars, a stalagmite 22m tall, could almost be a Gothic column. It is growing upwards at the rate of 2cm every 100 years, which means that, in another 5000 years or so, it will be joined to the ceiling. Amazing!

Later that evening, i believe the team was up for some caveman action . For those not familiar with the term ‘caveman action’ it simply refers to anyone locked in cave for a long time and finally gets let out for some hardcore partying. Apparently a very familiar tradition in the caveman days. Lest we forget! Even in the quieter seasons, you can certainly find a random birthday party to crash into.. We had to try some of the Spanish we had learnt in the caves one way or another and what better way to practice it than on the unsuspecting locals.

The next morning, was Sunday and Steve Wilson decided that rather than go to Church it was a better idea to visit a market. Apparently, both are kind of similar one way or the other. We all agreed and headed down to the Pollenca farmers market . This market is certainly unique with over 300 stalls where you can find food, crafts, shoes, clothes, plants… It takes place between the Plaça Major (main square) and Ca Les Monnares Square and surroundings. If you want real fresh fruits, go this farmers market and you will find yourself holding a private campaign outside your local Tescos for allegedly misrepresenting the original taste of  ‘Orange’. After an afternoon of all things farmer markets, we started  feeling a little hungry from all these fresh raw food, fruits and much more on show. We booked a table at “Stay” in Port de Pollenca. An amazing boutique restaurant launched in 1972 by two active pioneers of tourism, Miguel Ferrer and Juan Cerdá . The food was amazing and great service by the  team at “Stay”. I started to think they should adopt the slogan “Food is so good you will really want to Stay at Stay”Cheque in the post! We head back to Carrossa for dinner with Philip who runs the restaurant ready to select the best wines for us. I mean, what do we really know about wine? when a wine connoisseur like Philip is in the building. The Restaurant Carrossa offers fine dining, creating a daily and delicious range of Mediterranean dishes, while guests can also sample a wide selection of international dishes at the all-day Badia bistro, which boasts stunning panoramic views.

Now, i know for those of you avid Chelsea Monthly readers  have got to this point and  are now wondering with questions like  Jordan… where oh where is the ‘pierce de resistance’??? Well, i seek not to disappoint you on a rather sunny day in London because as we were discreetly leaving from the backdoor. I think our ‘airs’ and ‘graces’ inspired an announcement  that Carrossa is launching  its own luxury yacht to the holiday options. For those who want to explore those stunning beaches, beautiful bays and secluded coves, which can only be accessed from the idyllic Mediterranean Sea, you can now hop aboard the Carrossa II – in trademark Carrossa luxury. The voyage can be tailored to suit the group’s requests, up to six guests at a time can add a day at sea to their holiday from June to September on the 10m vessel.

Berthed just 15 minutes away, in Colonia de Sant Pere, the Greenline Neo Hard Top is for the exclusive use of Carrossa guests and offers an unforgettable holiday experience – with exclusive drinks, catering, fruit and sandwiches all provided.

The Luxury Yacht Package (starting from €1,155 per person) is a seven-night stay, which entitles guests to their choice of room category, a half-board stay and a one-day trip at sea.

Back on land, Carrossa is home to a stunning 1,500m2 state-of-the-art wellness centre, built and designed to the highest specification, with saunas, steam bath, ice fountain, and a wide selection of massage, beauty and special treatments, as well as a high-tech gym. We had a great time, but don’t take our word for it. Plan your next trip to Mallorca to experience it for yourself and send us your reviews on a postcard.

For more info. Visit:
Address: Cami de Carrossa KM 3.4, 07570 Artà, Balearic Islands, Spain
Phone: +34 971 83 56 47