Maria Rago: Illuminating the Musical Landscape through Passion and Creativity


In the vast realm of music, there are artists who believe that the art form chooses them, weaving an inseparable bond that becomes an extension of their being. Maria Rago, a talented composer, firmly holds this belief. In an exclusive interview, Rago shares her deep connection to music, her artistic process, and her ambitions for the future. As she continues to carve her path in the industry, her unique style and unyielding dedication make her a force to be reckoned with.

For Rago, music is not just an inspiration; it is a transpiration, a tangible result of artistic sweat. She compares her creative journey to the unpredictable interplay of elements on a winter day: rain moving among thunder, while the sun seeks its place in the sky. As an artist with her feet firmly planted on the ground, Rago gazes upward, translating these experiences into musical notes and stories that resonate with her audience.

A Matryoshka of Musical Styles: Rago’s style can be best described as a matryoshka, a set of nested dolls that reflect different facets of her personality. Each layer showcases a part of her, yet remains autonomous. She seeks, finds, and borrows from unknown lives, breathing life into them and setting them free. Her compositions create a space where contrasting emotions, such as suffering and joy, lights and shadows, love and hate, intertwine and challenge each other. Managing these opposing forces may seem simple, but Rago understands the bitter taste of illusions and the complexities that lie beneath.

Rago acknowledges that music is a jealous lover, demanding unwavering devotion and countless hours of work. Its unpredictability and yearning for freedom prevent her from foreseeing the exact direction her journey will take in the next five years. Nonetheless, one thing remains certain: she will be steadfastly following her musical path, embracing the challenges and triumphs along the way.

Listeners eager to embark on a sonic voyage through Rago’s compositions can find her work on her official website, Her Facebook page,, provides a platform for connecting with her audience, while her Instagram account, mariaragomusic, offers glimpses into her artistic process and daily inspirations.

“Lady M Day of Hundred Candles” – A Musical Collaboration: Among her noteworthy creations is the mesmerizing composition titled “Lady M Day of Hundred Candles.” This piece brings together the ethereal vocals of Laura Gómez, soprano, with Rago’s captivating composition. Alessandro Rivolta, a talented sound engineer, contributes his expertise to create a rich sonic tapestry. Together, this collaboration produces an enchanting experience that transcends boundaries and captures the essence of Rago’s artistic vision.

Maria Rago’s journey as a composer embodies the transformative power of music. Her belief that music chooses its creators resonates deeply, as she continuously pours her passion and creativity into each composition. As Rago navigates the ever-evolving landscape of music, her matryoshka-like style and relentless pursuit of musical freedom promise to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the industry. The future holds infinite possibilities for this extraordinary artist, and we eagerly await the symphonies she will create on her unwavering musical path.