Tree Lined Streets release new single ‘Time’


They say ‘Time’ is luxury, the most valuable commodity one has got to play with and yet some people take it for granted. Well not, Tree Lined Streets, the band originally from Dublin, Ireland but now living in Los Angeles, California.  Their new single ‘Time’ is just what you need as we wrap up what has been a unique 2022.  Mark Leddy providing the lead Vocals and Keyboards coupled with  Tim Boland who was responsible for the guitar, bass, Keys, and backing Vocals. Their latest release, “Time”, and the previous single “Long Way Down” feature a more electronic approach that definitely pay homage to their 1980s influences. The band has been setting the trend for others to follow with a fanbase that spans the release of their first album  ‘Transformation’ in October 2020.

Tree Lined Streets are experts in delivering a melting pot of guitar-driven rock and don’t try to compare them to U2 because of their Irish background. They are proud to represent Ireland around the world but their inspiration go way back before U2 decided to take on a world tour. Their inspirations date back to the good old days of the 60’s and 70’s classic rock. What I like about ‘Time’ and most of the music produced by Tree Lined Streets is that they manage to mix classic with contemporary.

Tree Lined Streets are currently working on their second album which includes making music that relies less on live drums and guitar-driven songs, to highlight electronic elements, creating a more synth-driven pop blended with live guitars, bass, and layers of vocals.

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