A Vodka brand revolutionizes the industry by taking an environmentally friendly approach


NEFT is a super-premium vodka packaged in its unique oil barrel since NEFT in Russian means oil. It is produced with the cleanest ingredients and crafted in the Rhaetian Alps of Austria. NEFT uses pure Alpine spring water and four different non-GMO grains to create a wonderful natural taste. Multiple distillations as well as special filtration technology produce NEFT vodka and guarantee drinking at the highest level… Taking Vodka to the NEFT level.

The vodka is packaged in the most efficiently and environmentally manner, NEFT is simply the most unadulterated vodka in the world, and the brand has now been announced as an official Vodka sponsor at the 17th Annual Urban Music Awards.

You can find more information on their website neftvodka.com or on their other social media sites :

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