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It will take more than a haircut and a catch up with friends at a bar to make up for the depletion of the last year!” Suzy Reading

Here at Chelsea monthly we feel restless for revival and we believe we have found just the answer to find your inner peace and unlock your wild joy again.

Sisters Gabriella and Isabella Howell are ready to welcome you to their home The Great House Antigua. Visit as guests and leave as family, you will not be able to find a historic micro boutique hotel quite like this…  anywhere!

The Howell sisters have made it safe and sumptuous for solo female travellers. This adult only retreat is a peaceful and unspoilt haven for anyone in need of their own private tropical oasis.


Made For You

Everything about The Great House Antigua feels like it’s made just for you. The Howell sisters have the enviable ability to make everyone they interact with feel that they are the most important people on the island.

For 2021 and 2022 travellers with the desire to relax and experience something unique and learn. The Great House, Antigua taps into something slightly different to your typical Caribbean holiday.

We believe it has a lot to do with the size and ambience it’s a micro boutique hotel which are very much in demand post pandemic Britain only 16 occupancy meaning perfect personalised service for each guest. It lavishly sprawls 26 acres on a private estate of exquisite grounds and gardens, pool, yoga and meditation platform overlooking the gorgeous Caribbean sea.

When you arrive at The Great House Antigua you will soon wonder why you would ever want to leave their picturesque and unspoilt rural grounds and tropical paradise. Emerge yourself in island life and read from your hammock, swim in the gorgeous pool or walk the white sand beaches and sail the emerald and turquoise sea. Paint, write, wine and dine or dance the night away.

“Whatever you desire, you will be looked after like royalty. A week at The Great House Antigua feels like a month away on holiday, just a dream come true. Something we all need after the last year!” Sian Gunney, spokesperson for The Great House Antigua

“What a complete gem. Truly a treasure for Antigua.’ Cherrie Osborne, Director of Tourism UK & Europe | Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority

 The Great House Antigua can also be booked out as a whole villa, for reuniting with friends and family, or for directors and corporates that need a retreat to escape COVID gloom and get a fresh perspective on their business operations after a challenging time. All meals are included with a private chef and weekly exercise classes.

“The Great House Antigua offers a perfect bubble for guests to take some time off after the difficult past year. We have always been known for our intimate style and offering for guests, with vast open spaces to explore or relax, and more staff on hand then guests. Our priority is guest satisfaction, and currently keeping guests safe from the virus is our prime focus. We welcome you to join us in our bubble of seclusion, safety and splendour.” Gabriella Howell -Director

However our advice is don’t wait for the announcement, because if you book now you get a luxurious 20% discount using the code TravelNow