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Scenes of elation as Libyans take to Hyde Park after their countries liberation

Celebrating crowds last night descended on the Libyan embassy in Knightsbridge after the revelations that their toppled leader Colonel Muammar el-Gaddafi had been captured and killed after weeks of uncertainty about his whereabouts. Gaddafi, who had not been seen for two months after rebel forces ended his 42 year reign, was finally discovered cowering in a drainpipe. The dictator had been trying to avoid capture by the rebel forces who had overthrown his leadership. The unrest began in Libya with peaceful protests in February, and escalated to a conflict between...
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The inspiration stories of people on the tube

Since the 19th of July some travellers may have noticed the unusual artwork on the Central Line. The Acts of Kindness project on the central line has been devised by local artist Michael Landy who sought to celebrate the ordinary simple acts of generosity that happen to the tube every day. Landay has described the actions he is interested in as: “It’s a gesture of trust between two people. There’s a risk in that. They may just ignore you or take it the wrong way. I’m fascinated by when you...
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Chelsea born designer Rory Drobner to launch new range at local shop

His work is beloved by Sienna Miller and Kate Moss among other giants of British popular culture, and now influential British artist Rory Dobner latest collection is coming to The Shop on Chelsea’s King’s Road. Launched in 2005 The Shop is a concept store which sells everything from designer clothes and accessories to furniture, gifts and music, will feature a new ‘micro-boutique’ designed by Dobner as a recreation of his workshop to give the public an insight into the working of the artist....
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Council set to inspire a new generation of film makers

Earlier this month saw the launch of the sixth annual Chelsea and Kensington short film funds, with the aim of inspiring a new generation of keen film makers to enter the profession. The funds which offer a grant of up to £4,000 for the production of a 12 minute film are a collaboration between the Wandsworth Film Office and the London Borough of Chelsea and seek ‘to continue discovering and fostering local film making’...
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