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Claudio Jardim tells about his Photography Career


What kick started your filming/photography career?

– It started just as a hobby, taking photos of my own pets and going out with some friends but after a while, I had the opportunity to do some work in Carnival for a studio and that was the start of my professional career.

How would you describe your style?

– I consider it to be relaxed, non invasive and laid back but always adapting to each individual situation. Every shoot is different, even if the model is the same, I believe that it’s best not to put unnecessary pressure as it only leads to getting people nervous and uncomfortable and it shows in the pictures.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

– I had a good mentor, who pointed me in the right direction regarding photographic techniques and lighting. From that point, I just feel that I need to keep looking for ways that my work stands out. I just don’t want to be just another standard photographer.

What are your top 3 career highlights to date? 

– It’s hard to choose highlights but I guess that mine are the time I photographed the previous prime minister from Portugal, in which I had the pleasure to chat with him for a bit. Other highlight is the exclusive coverage of the 2nd Madeira Wine Festival, a festival that aims to promote the Madeira Wine both locally and also overseas, with photos and small video clips. and finally but not easier, was being invited by the regional civil defence institute to do the live broadcast online of a conference promoted in their headquarters.

What is your favourite computer/editing accessory?

– The software that I use the most is the Adobe Lightroom. I think that it is a great tool, especially when shooting in RAW. About the computer, I haven’t converted to Mac like most photographers I know.

What has been the best event you covered?

– I really enjoyed covering the celebrations of the Portuguese air force when they were done in Madeira Island instead of the Mainland as usual. But I also enjoyed covering the NRTA 2014, so I guess it’s a tie here.. can’t really point out the best one for me.

If you would be able to collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

-There’s an American photographer, Jasmine Star, who specializes in destination weddings, I really like her work and I’d love to have an opportunity to meet her and even work alongside her.

What is your dream shoot?

– It’s so hard for me to answer this.. I think that my dream shoot would be the one that could carry my name and work for generations to come.. something that leave a long lasting impression.

If you could live anywhere, where would you build your dream home?

– That’s easy.. I’d built it Madeira Island, where I was born, in some family land where my grandmother and my mother were born. I would build my house there and enjoy being surrounded by nature and fresh air all the time. So peaceful, it’s like being in paradise.