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Hair styled by Brandon Messinger
Hair styled by Brandon Messinger

The brand Denman is rich in heritage. What is the brief history of the brand and how do you describe the unique selling points in the products on market today?

Denman was founded in 1938 by an innovator named John Denman Dean. He had traveled from Northern Ireland to New York and came back with new material, nylon, which he made into the iconic D3 Original Styler– still our bestselling product today. It quickly became “the hairdresser’s brush” with the support of Vidal Sassoon and is now a staple in many professional’s kits. Denman is successful because innovation, adaptation, creativity, and quality have always been essential to the brand. We bridge the gap between supporting professionals in the hair industry and providing high-quality tools for the everyday consumer. A truly global brand, Denman products are made in Northern Ireland but sold around the world.

What would you say is the brand’s key target audience and what is your strategy to keep them consistently engaged?

I think the exciting aspect of the beauty industry is that our target audience is always changing. Our products are so versatile, and we are constantly seeing videos of consumers using the brushes in new ways. The D3 is probably most widely known for its ability to define curls, but it can also be used for the iconic Mary Quant bob, for a sleek blow-dry and likely for things we have yet to discover. While women are our primary target, we find a lot more men interested in the beauty sector lately and we encourage them to try out what works for them. We are constantly working on new products, new colours and designs, and creating refreshed content with our existing range. Our users, both professional and retail, are really the ones who drive their own engagement.

You recently had a brush go viral on TikTok. How important is social media in your marketing mix and what does the brand do to keep ahead of the curve?

Social media is an essential piece of our puzzle, especially in today’s world. We find it creates a community where we can talk to our users. Whether it’s launching new brushes, reposting their amazing content, or just a conversation, it is so important that we foster honest relationships with our users. To stay ahead of the curve, we focus on what works for us. Aligning ourselves with innovative content creators, stylists, and barbers, and other like-minded brands keeps fresh ideas flowing.

What are some differences when using a brush instead of a roller?

I’m definitely no hair expert since I’m on the Marketing Team so I’ve asked our International Business Manager, Martyn Wady, who has a background in hair. He said, “The main difference is that a roller creates a hard set which needs to be brushed out and or teased into shape. A brush will give a more blended, natural result. A set will often be stronger – stronger curls, root lift, etc, but a good hairdresser can create a similar result with a brush. Also, blow drying will always make the hair smoother. Finally, a blow-dry will be quicker than a roller set under the dryer.”

How do you select the right Denman Brush for your hair type?

We try to consistently share resources for helping you pick the right brush – because it can get overwhelming when you first check out our range. It comes down to what your hair goals are, your hair type, and your hair length. You’ll find yourself needing a few brushes for your perfect routine: one to detangle, one to style, and one to finish. Many of our brushes are suitable for different hair types and goals but it’s all in how you use them. The internet is an incredible resource for finding tutorials.

What has been one of your highlight moments for the brand in the past few years?

I joined Denman full-time in November 2020, and it has been constantly changing and growing. From seeing the massive spike on Tik Tok to winning awards for 3 different brushes, to join our team at a professional trade show called Salon International, to our first TV advert airing in the UK, there has been so much to celebrate. I also joined our corporate social responsibility team. I focus on the sustainability side of things but hearing the team share all the organisations, charities, and projects Denman is supporting or partnering with is extremely rewarding.

Now, you have just been announced as one of the Bronze category sponsors for the prestigious 8th annual National Film Awards UK. This is an amazing achievement for your company. How excited are you to partner with the National Film Awards UK?

As long-time supporters of the TV and film industry, this partnership just felt natural. It is so exciting to support these awards and the multitude of talented people nominated. We have been fortunate to offer product support for so many projects over the years and this felt like the next step. We want to wish everyone nominated a huge congratulations and wish everyone in the industry the best of luck with all their projects.

Finally, as Bronze sponsors for the National Film Awards. It would be great to know your personal Top 5 Best Films of all time?

It’s hard to narrow it down, but I would have to say (in no particular order):

The Princess Bride, Silver Linings Playbook, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Little Women, and honestly, Lilo and Stitch.

Where can readers buy products from Denman Brush both nationally and globally?

For our full range, you can shop but we also sell select products in some local stores such as Boots. A huge project right now is launching websites for partnering programs, so we currently have websites in the UK, US, Germany, Netherlands, and Japan with more to come, and local distributors in over 60 countries!

Where can readers reach you in case they want to purchase your products?

The best way to see all our products is on @Deman Brush



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