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Glamour Redefined: The Secret to Stunning Eyes Lies in Lashes by Hols!


Lashes By Hols was founded in 2017 by CEO Holly Smyth and has continued to excel ever since. It all started when Holly was 20 years old providing lash services from a small room at her parents house. Holly always struggled to find a reliable lash supplier that offered a range of products, after months of research and hard dedication, Holly decided she would only be satisfied if she was able to be in control of the quality of the lashes she could use, provide and trust. After Lashes From Hols progressed Holly noted that a salon with a great location, large space for stock and a place to provide a luxurious environment for all of her clients services was only necessary. This is when Lashes By Hols salon was established.

Lashes By Hols in partnership with Lashes From Hols, provides a range of services from eyelash extensions to brow laminations. We have hundreds of products available for lash technicians and clients, from lash trays and tweezers to eyelash serum and cluster lashes, our products are available for anyone to use. Lashes By Hols offers eyelash training and masterclasses for anyone wanting to start their lash tech journey or to perfect their technique to feel completely confident in the lash industry. We are a multipurpose, reliable company and we focus on building trust in all of our customers.


We love listening to feedback from our customers and hearing if they have any new product ideas that they would want to add to their lash collection. Our main challenge is producing these products and testing them to ensure everything is top quality and up to our standard. We have a great reputation and bringing out products takes a lot of time a dedication as it is so important that the products we release are items that we are 100% certain on and that there is no room for improvement. To guarantee we meet our high standards, all of our products are rigorously tested and undergo a strict quality control process. This commitment to excellence is what makes us a trusted name. By listening to our customers we receive amazing feedback which pushes our company to grow and expand even further and enables us to continuously improve our products and services.

A challenge we’ve had in the past, that we used to face frequently is making sure our stock is always at a high capacity to ensure we don’t sell out of products. Our products receive a strong demand and sell out very quickly, so ensuring our customers have access to all of our latest products has been an obstacle in the past. We now have the capability to keep up with our customer demand and provide access to the latest offerings, ensuring customers never miss out.

Our services are based in our beautiful, luxurious salon in Surbiton, Surrey. We have a regular flow of clients coming in and out of our salon to receive their treatments making them feel more confident in a welcoming, comfortable and pink environment.


Our products are made with efficient design and convenient usability, helping consumers to create stunning lash looks with ease. We have a range of over 8 lash options (not including variants) such as our pro mades which come with 500 fans of lashes in each box which are crafted from the finest materials, making them lightweight and fluffy. We also have the option of easy fanning, normal fanning, classic lashes and flat lashes. We offer multiple diameter and curl options, ranging from C curl to YY curl. Our variety of products is incomparable, allowing you to create whichever style that meets any of your clients’ needs. Take advantage of our expansive range and explore endless possibilities with over 125 products to choose from.

Our tweezers are perfect for all of your needs! We provide 12 different styles in 2 variations, fibre and non-fibre tip, with 6 colours your choice. You’ll be sure to find the perfect tweezer for effortless precision.

Lashes From Hols provides premium-quality products that are backed by a 98% customer satisfaction rate. Enjoy a 5 star experience with our products and be assured of reliable performance and quality.

Lashes by Hols loves to be able to offer our loyal customers endless discounts and offers, helping you save on your favourite items.

– always try to keep the products affordable by offering discounts through the year such as…

Our lash line offers discounts throughout the year. Use code “5 TRAYS” to get your 6th tray of lashes free. Enjoy an additional saving with code “4TWEEZERS” for your 5th free tweezer.

“LASHBABE10” is a discount code available to anyone to use at checkout for 10% off your whole order. Keep an eye out on our social medias for any random, surprise discounts…

Lashes From Hols makes it easy to shop for the perfect lash look. Our products are available on Instagram, TikTok and on our website, so you can purchase our products wherever you are. Get the smooth running experience you deserve when shopping for the perfect lashes and more.

Lashes By Hols is committed to continuously deliver outstanding quality and service, being the most reliable company for lash techs and clients to always provide the best to our customers. Our company continues to offer dependable products and services to ensure a top-notch experience for everyone.