Blueberry releases new Facial Cleanser Equipment


New brand, Blueberry is revolutionalising facial cleaning one face at a time.  Blueberry has launched the new Blueberrry TX1   a facial cleansing equipment designed to rejuvenate and get rid of any spots, acne and blemishes. At  a retail price of only £99, we at Chelsea Monthly magazine got to test out the product as it was delievered to our offices first hand this 2014 and it recieves a 10/10  here. It is a great invention and after myself and 5 members of staff from our health and beauty desk used it  from the 1st of January till today (9th of Jan. 2014). We were amazed at the extreme changes attained after 9 days of using the Blueberry TX1.

The Blueberry TX1 leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated, renewed.  My face radiated like never before… It works by exfoliating the face with a brush that uses high-speed oscillations powered by ultrasound waves to loosen dead skin cells.  After performing an extraction and a lymphatic drainage massage, it smooths on an antioxidant serum, reattaches the electrode, and runs a mushroom-shaped ultrasound wand over my face for precisely seven minutes.

The Blueberry XT features are as follows;

1. Water resistant.

2. Lightweight and compact.

3. Anti-slippery handle, convenient for usage in bath room.

4. Accompanied by four replaceable massage heads with different effects, you are free to choose them according to your requirement the arbitrary choice, suitable for the various parts of the body.

5. Various functions: deeply cleaning skin, effectively exfoliating of dead skin cells to reveal a radiant, youthful skin, stimulating blood circulation, eliminating fatigue and relieving pressur