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Anyone from London knows the vast cultural differences in parts of our city. Now, the best of the east and west of London have teamed up to deliver the opportunity for a night of luxury in 40 WiNKS, a boutique hotel in the heart of Stepney Green.

The hotel which offers just two utterly unique bedrooms aims to become a home away from home. 40 WiNKS is ‘a place where you can hang your hat, or park your suitcase while enjoying a little bit of opulence and a large dose of quirky style’. The exclusive hotel is to feature bespoke beds from Marshall and Stuart. The luxury bed company who have a shop on the King’s Road offer British beds which are handmade to the highest quality. Marshall and Stuart are customer based and seek to revolutionise the way that people buy beds, offering a personalised 45 minute consultations to ensure that each person gets the bed that will offer them the best possible night sleep.

40 WiNKS’ purpose is to make your stay as luxurious as possible, offering the everyday essentials for a life of luxury. Whether you planning on staying in or going out, the hotel offers everything from easy access to parts of east London, to a fully equipped kitchen, wifi and iPod dock. Not content with offering stunning rooms, the hotel also has a quirky twist on entertainment with their bedtime story performances. These unique nights are hosted by professional storytellers and actors with guests attending in their best nightwear with prizes given to the person who pulls of the most stylish PJs.