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“INSEPARABLE” Design-Duo! Anfray & Anfray, [LFW 2014]


The ‘Inseparable’ ring, a ring made of two overlapping parts, turning freely one above the other.’


ANFRAY & ANFRAY is the creation of Jean-François and Alena and is a product of love that embodies: elegance, simplicity, attention to detail, and quality. The brand has a long, and well-travelled, family history that spans several cultures and two continents – but their debut collection is a picture of togetherness.  

The idea behind the design of the INSEPARABLE collection is that each piece is made up of two rings, which are created separately and then put together to create one final piece with two overlapping parts. The separate parts are bound together with one sitting elegantly above the other, which gives each ring a unique and distinguished look.  Handcrafted and using the finest white, rose and yellow gold as well as precious stones.



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