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KOKKU! Bringing a taste of Sardinia to London


Kokku is a new venture for husband and wife, Andrea and Ansula Usai, who have
worked together to produce a delicate jewellery range, that showcases the work
of Sardinian artists. The name Kokku is taken from a Sardinian amulet, an object
that protects newborn babies. Andrea explains “the brand is a baby and we want
it to grow” without harm.
Before Kokku Andrea would select jewellery for his wife to celebrate milestones
in their lives; he would search a range of countries for something special but
would always return to Sardinia, where he felt the design of the jewellery was
the most beautiful. Friends were frequently interested in the unique pieces, so
Andrea and Ansula have decided to share this secret treasure through the launch
On meeting Andrea he exudes passion for his culture. Kokku is not just about
beautiful jewellery it is also about community. Andrea believes through
promotion and recognition traditional craft can be kept alive and carried on to future
generations. With their collection they aim to celebrate delicate, handmade
pieces by “local artists to the big world”.

The story of Kokku’s creation is one that is romantic and personable. It is clear Kokku have  a dream and I can’t wait for them to share their next hand-crafted designs with us.

For more information on stockists in the London area visit: