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Launch of unique and new imported Sparkling  Cider 


Cider production in Spain is steeped in tradition and it is no more evident than in the Northern principality of Asturias. Proof of cider production in this region can be traced back to Roman times when they referred to cider as ‘Pomaria’. The milder climate of this region lends itself to apple production and it now produces 8O% of all the cider sold in Spain. One of the big turning points in the History of Spanish cider was in the 18th century when maritime commerce ventures were leaving for the ‘New World’ to discover a better and prosperous life in the South Americas. This trade meant a need to conserve the precious cargo of Cider and a new invention appeared at a trade fair, originally for the medical industry: The Champagnising Machine.

This new device would generate the ciders carbonated bubbles and conserve it until it was drunk, allowing the Asturian emigrants to enjoy the taste of their home country. It was the beginning of a Sparkling cider revolution and the cider’s effervescence was to become the trademark signature of the Asturian ‘champagne’ cider. In 1888, two brothers Alberto and Eladio del Valle, financed by Bernardo de la Ballina and Angel Fernandez, purchased their first Hermann La Chapelle machine to start ‘champagnising’ cider in the town of Villaviciosa.

Valle, Ballina and Fernández SA has long been Spain’s leading Cider brewer and have produced quality Ciders for well over a 100 years. The new ‘Pomarina brand, launched in 2011, was the latest addition to their portfolio of quality Ciders. This unique Sparkling Brut Cider has already made an impact on the champagne market and it brings a fresh alternative apple taste to an already classic favourite drink.

Made with 1OO% Asturias apples, it is the preparation which is the second stage of Fermentation which is carried out in pressurised Vats to better integrate the bubbles. This is what gives Pomarina a unique fresh and elegant taste.

  • COLOUR: Clean, brilliant golden – yellow with tiny bubbles
  • AROMA: Intense, with a predominance of primary aromas that appear separately but quickly combine.
  • TASTE: Initially sparkling, giving way to pleasant fruity nuances with a long and refined end.
  • Serve in a champagne glass
  • Perfect as cocktails with Chambord & Gin
  • Ideal with fish, shellfish and cheese.
  • Best served chilled between 7° – 1O°C
  • Available in 75O ml bottles – 7% Vol

Pomarina is exclusively imported in the UK by Emporium Import Ltd . For more info visit their official website by clicking here or  Tel: 01708735567