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Meet Nikita Doherty, the masterstroke behind Nikita Doherty Hair Extensions


Nikita Doherty Hair Extension is an award-winning Hair Extension salon based in Derry, Northern Ireland which has been recently crowned ‘HBA Hair Extensions Salon of the Year UK 2022’. Not only are they the Beauty Works FIRST VIP Plus salon, but they are also an Ultrastrands-approved salon, and cherry on top,  they are set to sponsor the Best Dating Show at this year’s National Reality TV Awards. 

How Did You Come Up With The Idea Of Making Hair Extensions A Career?

I have been so passionate about hair from a young age, it was only when I developed stress related alopecia at the age of 17, I looked into how to enhance hair. I was to paronoid to go into a salon, so I went and did a course, so I was able to do my own hair. It all really snowballed from there. My friends would have got me to do theirs and word got round that I was actually good at it, so I decided to quit my 9-5 and go all in on chasing my dream of having my own hair salon. I’m now on salon number 3 and have my own training academy headquarters to also help people wanting to become a hair extensionist. It’s amazing really. I still can’t believe my life sometimes.

What are the services provided at Nikita Doherty Hair Extensions?

I have trained in all methods of extensions, but I have stayed true to myself and only offered the safest methods. Our most popular hair extensions would be Weave/Naked Weave & Nano Applications. I also am a hair loss consultant, having trained all over the UK to ensure I am offering the highest level of services to my Hair Loss Clients. We offer mesh integration, ultrastrands, patch covers, bespoke toppers & custom-made wigs.

We have full retail section in the salon from aftercare products, brushes and our walk in Clip In Hair Extension Match up service.

Lastly of course we offer accredited training courses in all hair extension methods.

How do you go about sourcing your hair extensions?

I am lucky enough to work with amazing brands in the UK. I have an amazing working relationship with Beauty Works and been with them most of my hair extension career. I also have a great relationship with Hair Kings, they are always going above and beyond to ensure I have what I need for my clients. We have such a demanding salon, so we need reliable suppliers, and I found these two are my absolute favourite.

The hair industry has changed so much in the past few years, what’s the best advice you would give for staying ahead of the curve?

It has changed so much over the years and has become a huge market. My advice is to keep learning, never think you know it all, as every day is a school day. Don’t get comfortable. I’m always of on courses and upskilling, making sure what I bring to the table is the absolute best for my clients. I am always the first to learn a new method and bring it back home to Ireland.

How important would you say building a personal relationship with your clients is integral to your success?

I think it’s so important. Most of my clients have been with me since the kitchen table days and it’s amazing how we have grown up together. I’ve been with them through breakups, marriage, children, buying homes to losing loved ones. They are a huge part of my life. I spend most of my days with my clients and love that my salon is that place they can come and spill all their drama or joy and we are all there for advice or support or congratulations.

The same goes for me. My clients have known about my pregnancies before family has known. They have been with me through every business venture and are the first to have my back with everything. I know every single client that comes into my salon and can honestly say we have the best relationship, and I am so proud of that alone.

To all new customers who would like to use Nikita Doherty Hair Extensions. Explain the consultation process.

The consultation is the most important part of a fitting. It is how I get to know you and what you like, how I get to know your hair and see what would be best suited to you. The only way I can provide you with a quote is by carrying out a hair assessment as suppliers prices vary bases on method, length, colour & thickness. I need to ensure you have no medical conditions that may affect the service & also no allergies to any of the equipment used to help install the extensions. With that being said a lot of my clients travel long distances to me for fitting so sometimes we have to do an online consultation via facetime or videocall. This helps save the client 2 trips to the salon.

The rise of female entrepreneurs has been incredible to watch in recent years. Why do you think there has been a sudden boost in women wanting to take the bull by the horn?

I think women are fearless and we know exactly what we want in not just work but in all aspects of life. I think there is so much online support for small business owners also for example Instagram, we have a great following and an amazing bunch of women praising us on the daily which gives us the drive to do better and lead the way. I think I speak on behalf of all women when I say this, but we do it best, and if we want something we are not afraid to work for it.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years of your career?

There are a few different goals I have for my business.

Firstly, I want my training academy to go oversea and be the go-to training academy for all extension training. We do have people traveling for us, but I want to travel with the training also & really leave a mark on the hair extension industry.

For myself I want to build my name up in the UK, we have an amazing reputation in Ireland & have clients that travel from the UK, but I want to make a big clientele for myself over there and work a few days a month over there in different locations.

In reality, I want to continue to thrive and stay on top of the game and continue to grow as not only a business but as Hair Extensionist as well.

Now, you have been announced as one of the sponsors for the prestigious 11th annual National Reality Awards UK as the sponsor of the BEST DATING SHOW category. This is an amazing achievement for your company. How excited are you to partner with the National Reality Awards?

Oh my god, I can’t even put it into words. Opportunities like this don’t happen to people from Ireland, I’m so honoured and grateful to have been given the opportunity. I remember when I was first contacted, I thought someone was taking the hand out of me. I will be so proud to see my logo up there & I can’t wait to take the stage to present the award. It’s a huge achievement and a real career highlight for me.

Finally, where can readers reach you to enjoy your services?

You can visit our online store,


Instagram: @nikitahairextensions

The 11th annual National Reality TV Awards returns to London on the 28th of July at the Porchester Hall, London. Check out the NRTA website  to stay up to date with all latest updates.