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New Luxury vodka, Angel Tears joins list of sponsors for the National Film Awards 2016


Attendees at this years National Film Awards will be amongst the first VIP’s to sample a brand new luxury vodka which will soon be on everyone’s lips. The age old question from any passionate Vodka drinker is ultimately what the secret is to putting together an exceptional tasting vodka which can not only stand the test of time but be a regular choice amongst drinkers in the UK.

The team behind Angel Tears Vodka knew they had one piece of the puzzle already: a 100% pure grain spirit with a clean, smooth taste. This super-premium vodka hails from Georgia, where nature provides the highest quality raw materials needed to make it.

The first of these is Georgian wheat, grown in the country’s most fertile soils. The second is pure mineral spring water, filtered through glaciers in the stunning Bakuriani mountains in the Borjomi region of central Georgia. With towering peaks reaching altitudes of up to 2,300m, these pristine slopes are the source of the vodka’s purity.

Together wheat and water are fermented to produce a liquid with unique Georgian character. This alcohol is triple-distilled and filtered for absolute purity, resulting in a vodka with clean mineral notes and a soft and silky mouthfeel, plus an attractive touch of sweetness to balance the palate.

Angel Tears Vodka have secured the naming rights to the Best Actor 2016 category at the prestigious National Film Awards which takes place on the 31st of March 2016 at the Porchester Hall in London, W2.

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