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Premier of Madonna’s new film is a royal affair.


The royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea hosted the premier of the princess of pop’s new film earlier this month. Madonna was among the star studded red carpet as the Kensington Odeon hosted the premier of W.E. W.E. stands for the initials of Wallis and Edward the films protagonists. The film is based on Edward the VIII’s abdication in 1936 so that he could marry Wallis Simpson, a twice divorced American socialite.


W.E. has been directed, co-written and produced by Madonna, who made her directorial debut in 2008 with the film Faith and Wisdom. Madonna attended the premier wearing a dress designed by French designer Jean Paul Guiltier. Madonna, who has been dancer, director and singer is famous for reinventing herself and her career has over the past thirty years gone through many phases. W.E. takes Madonna’s ability of regeneration and had applied this to the story of Wallis and Edward, as it takes their story and interweaves it with a narrative about a modern day love affair.

The release of W.E. co-insides with a resurgence in Madonna’s career as she prepares to release her twelfth studio album M.D.N.A, in March.