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Review: Everyone is raving and ranting about Winter Palace Vodka


It’s that time of the year were everyone is looking for their favourite tipple by way of spirit and we were lucky enough to try out Winter Palace Vodka this weekend at the 12th annual Urban Music Awards . To kick things off, having your bottle glow in the dark is already a plus sign.


Winter Palace vodka is a premium Russian Vodka  is a spectacularly smooth, clean and refreshing vodka with an  LED hidden in the bottom of the bottle, so the bottle lights in the dark in different colours which is a perfect addition to any awards show.

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The taste of the vodka is much more refined with more character than your usual Vodka brands in the market. Winter Palace Vodka is made with biologically pure glacial water from Mt. Elbrus, the highest mountain in Russia with total glacier area of 135 sq. KM. Highest degree of purification (4 phases including quartz and sand filtration and decontaminations using silver and platinum). It gives Winter Palace a special mild, crystal flavour. An Original product made with new high-technology and special recipes of traditional Russian vodka. Winter Palace Vodka certainly received a top score from us! For more info on:   Winter Palace Vodka . Please, click here or contact Wayne Forman @ +1917.975.5313 or Roman Tejushyn at 07578577774.