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Shoes that sparkle, shine and make you stand out from the crowd


Shoes have the potential to show who we are, where we go and what we believe in.  Gen Nee is when you enter a room and people judge you through their mental filters and prejudices. But then they look at your shoes and all their biases collapse, and they have to see the real person in front of them ; strong, passionate, unique, revolutionary.

Online mismatched shoe company Gen Nee shifts the paradigm of the symmetry between left and right and introduces innovation in a still conventional and standardised market. Gen Nee’s mission is to promote one’s self-expression, uniqueness and personality, in an assertive, playful and positive way, without compromising on being fashionable, and feeling beautiful and comfortable.

When the brand launched they received a plethora of support, so much so that they created their very own testimonial board to show the overwhelming enthusiasm,  love, and the sense of community that the shoes created!

Gen-Nee has also been announced as the official bronze sponsor for the Best Independent Film category at the 6th annual National Film Awards UK.

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