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VIVIR Tequila announce for this years National Reality Television Awards


Here at VIVIR we produce a range of super premium Tequilas at the most awarded distillery in Jalisco, Mexico for product quality and taste. We select the best and sweetest Weber Blue Agave grown on our estate and use only natural local water from a volcanic spring that rises at the heart of our distillery. This allows us to produce what we think is quite possibly the smoothest Tequila you will ever drink. VIVIR Tequila has been specially crafted to help change the perception of what Tequila can be in the UK and Europe. No longer should it be seen as a drink that must be washed down with salt and lemon. VIVIR is smooth in texture and complex in nature, and is perfect for sipping, having in cocktail or adding to your favourite mixer. VIVIR is where Mexican tradition meets British sophistication.

VIVIR Tequila was born from the love of the Agave based spirit that two good friends shared.Living in the UK however, it proved very difficult to buy premium 100% Weber Blue Agave Tequila without going to a specialist bar or retailer. This was especially important for Paul as cheaper Mixto Tequilas are the only thing in the world he’s allergic to meaning he finds it hard to drink any Tequila in the UK full stop. After researching why this was the case it soon came to light that there were no UK based independent premium Tequila brands. This meant that outlets didn’t have the local support from brands to help drive the spirit and bring it to the masses. Because of this, Paul and Nav decided to do something about it and VIVIR was born.