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We snoozed 173 days in our lifetime


Sleepy Brits are suffering from ‘Repetitive Snooze Injury’, spending 173 days of their life hitting the snooze button, according to new research. The study reveals we spend 14 minutes a day snoozing which equates to one hour and 38 minutes each week, or 84 hours and 56 minute snoozing per year.

In fact one in 10 are so tired in the mornings that they snooze for 30 minutes or more each day.

Despite this, the research showed we’re a nation of ‘wannabe’ early risers with the average Brit setting their alarm for 6.58, however most can’t peel themselves out of bed until 7.12.

The study by breakfast brand FUEL YOUR 10K HOURS reveals we’re only getting an average of six hours and 36 minutes shuteye a night, much less than the recommended eight hours,

Whilst nearly a quarter of adults admit to feeling like they haven’t had enough sleep upon waking.

Despite repetitive snooze hitting, one in thirteen wish they could be more productive in the morning and a further 13% report feeling more awake if they jump straight out of bed.


Sleep Psychologist Chireal Shallow: 

“We snooze for many reasons, predominantly because we want to squeeze as much sleep out of the night as possible, and often still feel tired when we wake.

“This is especially true in the winter months as we need to wake whilst it’s still dark outside, which means our bodies do not get a chance to awake naturally with the aid of light, which helps to regulate our sleep.

“Snoozing is the way we, as humans, attempt to mitigate the lack of sleep, or how tired we feel by trying to wake up gradually and gently.”

The study found a quarter of adults like to snooze the alarm in order to spend a bit longer in bed with their partner – but snoozing junkies are turning to extreme lengths to combat their snoozing levels, with a third setting more than five alarms.

And 29% insist on putting their alarm clock at the other side of the room in an attempt to force them out of bed.

Canny Brits are also changing their alarm sound to make sure they wake up – 32% have set their ringtone to a loud piercing noise to jolt them out of bed, whilst 11% have chosen an annoying song for their alarm ring.

Snoozing can also lead to work woes, with one in eight claiming to have missed an important meeting and a further one in 10 bagging a written warning or even the sack for lateness.

Of those polled, 16% report that they regularly miss their train thanks to the snooze button, whilst one in 20 have been late for a job interview.

But a keen 16% blow off the bleary-eyed cobwebs with a morning run or cycle ride or brisk walk to work.

A dedicated one in ten of the 1000 adults polled even opt for an early morning swim to kick start their day.


Barney Mauleverer, “Co-founder of FUEL YOUR 10K HOURS”:

“Mornings can be a killer and this study demonstrates that we all like to hit the snooze button every now and then.

“Most of us are already time poor so just think what we could achieve if we didn’t snooze quite so much each morning.

“FUEL is calling on the UK’s snoozers to try, bit by bit, to hit the snooze button a little bit less each morning and use that time to achieve your goals or do something you’re passionate about.”

The poll found the biggest snoozers are in the seaside town of Brighton with inhabitants snoozing for 19 minutes a day, followed by dwellers in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh and Alan Partridge’s home town of Norwich, both snoozing for 18 minutes a day.