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What’s it really like inside the Crystal Maze?


Have you ever wondered what it’s really like inside the Crystal Maze? Well now you can experience it for yourself!

Opened in 2016, the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is sure to bring out the child of many. Based on the popular 90s TV show, production company Little Lion Entertainment have bought to you the original TV show, as an immersive, interactive theatre experience.

We were lucky enough to be invited down to the newly opened Crystal Maze LIVE Experience on Shaftesbury Avenue, to see whether we were able to take on the challenge.

Guiding you and your team around the maze is your Maze Master. Each Maze Master has their own, unique character and is at the heart of the interactive experience. Their role is to guide teams of eight through four themed adventure zones – Aztec, Futuristic, Industrial and Medieval whilst the contestants take on challenges that test their mental and physical skills.

Once you have entered the maze, you meet your maze master. They give you an outline of what to expect, without any spoilers (obviously) and they help you choose your team captain.

The aim of the game, is to collect as many crystal balls as possible, as these are precious seconds of time when playing the last game inside the crystal dome itself. Each challenge you win, you receive a crystal ball.

For each challenge, the team captain decides who will be up for completing it, however you will have the support of your team who are able to help if you need, so you are not completely left to your own devises! The captain has no idea what the challenge is going to be, the only hint you are given is the type of challenge it is, for example, mystery.

Your maze master guides you and the team around the maze, crawling through dark spaces, climbing ladders and running through to the different zones. There is a strong sense of adventure as you are not sure what is going to be coming up next! It is definitely not one for the faint hearted.

Probably, the most infamous aspect of the original TV show, would have to be the crystal dome, which you are able to complete at the end of the game. Depending on how many crystal balls you have collected throughout the game, the more time you have to collect golden tickets.

Unfortunately, our team wasn’t the most successful in completing the challenges so our time in the dome took a great hit…

The whole experience is frantic and fun. Expect to be crawling, running and even sliding your way around the maze!

All visits must be booked in advance by visiting https://the-crystal-maze.com/

*Both the London and Manchester sites are open to ages 13 and over but must each party must be accompanied by one person aged over 18.

For further information about the West End maze or to book tickets, please visit www.the-crystal-maze.com/london-westend/