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World’s first ever social network for GIRLS launches!


The world of social media is growing each year especially across Europe, Asia and other continents. Analysts have witnessed a rise of consumers flocking to social networks to fuel our basic need to connect, interact and share with others worldwide.

A brand new network has launched today with the aim of revolutionizing the traditional social network. Good Girls Club, is the world’s first ever magazine, television and social network focusing on just girls.

Girls generally shop more, and are often the higher percentage when it comes to recommending and sharing information via social media. Furthermore, females are responsible for at least 85% of the sales in our high-street shops. Hence, Good Girls Club represents that essential empowering gap in the market space for brands who were looking for a 100% access into the female market” commented Louise Gookey , Editor-In-Chief at Good Girls Club.

Gookey went on to add “Although the other traditional social networks are fantastic. As growth in any domain occurs, there is always a need for a more refined vehicle to drive forward innovation and change. We spent over 3 years researching, raising investment and developing Good Girls Club and what we found out was that many females on social network felt that they spent 90% of their time deleting unwanted messages from a select few members of the opposite sex who were using social platforms primarily to pick up dates and it could be annoying when you are simply looking for a neutral place to connect, discuss, share, interact, and find out about new trends”.

Thousands of members are signing up to Good Girls Club daily and this is set to increase in partly due to the recent announcement of their 3 year contract to sponsor the Best Actress 2015 category at the National Film Awards. Nominees for this category include;Shailene Woodley for “The Fault in Our Stars” , Gugu Mbatha-Raw for “Beyond the Lights” , Quvenzhané Wallis for “Annie” , Sameena Jabeen Ahmed for “Catch Me Daddy” , Cheng Pei Pei for “Lifting”Alicia Vikander for “Testament of Youth” , Keira Knightley for “Imitation Game”
Imelda Stauton for “Pride” , Dorothy Atkinson for “Mr Turner” , Thandi Newton for “Half of a Yellow Sun” .

The Good Girls Club social network is very unique in what it offers, there is a marketplace which gives users an opportunity to buy and sell merchandise and make money, a lottery system providing members an opportunity to purchase lottery tickets and take part in a weekly lottery ran by the GGC Network . Users can also create pages, post videos, and publish their own blogs which will be viewed by all members.

Brand new Vlogger on GGC, Christina Roshan Travis commented “I am quite excited to be doing my own daily Vlog show on Good Girls Club called #BeingChristina . I am about to go through a breast implant procedure not for cosmetic reasons but the beauty is that I will be vlogging daily giving members an insight to this sort of procedure exclusively via Good Girls Club as I feel the girls will relate candidly especially those girls who might be thinking of either to doing a similar procedure or not”.

Her comments were equally echoed by GGC Ambassador for Ireland, TV Presenter , Ashleigh Coyle who added “It’s unique to have our own take on things and i aim to bring content to Good Girls Club that showcases the empowering female success stories coming from Ireland. I believe young girls and females in general across the spectrum need inspirational outlets to empower creativity, innovation and success

Good Girls Club also release a quarterly 100 page magazine which with the first issue due to be released on the 28th of May 2015 at the GGC – Speakers Forum a quarterly event which is scheduled in May featuring great inspirational female role models and a diverse panel of female marketing executives from some of the worlds most successful brands.

To register, and snap up your profile on Good Girls Club.