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33 Things I’ve Learned Turning 33!!


It’s the 1st of July 2014 and I have finally turned 33. Well, here are the 33 things I have learnt so far during my humble time on planet earth!!!

I am not perfect, I am that, I am and pretending to be perfect doesn’t make us perfect!! I stumble, fall, and fail at times… Yep! I am human and so are you!!

In 1999, I launched my company called Invincible. I was 18 years old a young teen on a mission impossible, it became possible and now I can walk away at any time from everything pretty much intact. To be free is to be able to walk away from anything materialistic that holds an emotional connection.  #MindPeace  #RealFreedom

I’ve learned that the most valuable things in life are priceless. Memories, Happiness, Freedom, Good Health, Forest, Trees, Nature Humility, courage, braveness, love and friendship…That’s the real riches and wealth.

People will judge you, hate you, fall in love with you and hate you again in equal measures. Love them back always. Your consistent love is a seriously strong energy! #LoveMore

Success has nothing to do with money. Success is realising that you can appreciate and observe your breathing in the ‘now’. It is that simple– That is the present, my everyday birthday present. So, many people envy other people’s successes but never forget not every finger in your hand is the same length so everybody has a different path on their mission on earth but success is ultimately an inside job. If you feel like sh***t that’s you being unsuccessful if you decide to change it to feel ‘good’ that’s success. If you learn to program your self-esteem by changing how you feel consistently without any outward interference… Congratulations, you have achieved true success!    #JustBreathe

I learned never to try and look for happiness. There is no pursuit of happiness (sorry, Will Smith). We were all born happy. It is just an internal switch.  The choice is yours ‘light on’ = Laugh and ‘lights off’ = don’t laugh. The person who stops you from being happy, stops you from achieving anything is YOU!!!! You make that choice every single morning you wake up and simple choice determines your whole day, whole week, whole month, and whole life!!  #ItisthatSimple

Talk when you need to but don’t talk because you feel you have to. Listening, is important and in listening you learn so much. If someone says something to you that is really wrong. Your silence will confuse them because it is not the normal reaction to what he/she will have been accustomed to.

I learned that problems don’t really exist, they are simply GREAT opportunities in disguise. What really counts is your creative reaction to what is commonly referred to as problems. When you think you have a problem, remove yourself out of the equation. Get your laptop and write the whole problem out so it is out of your brain and on a paper. Read it out loud, and you will find loads of solutions to the problem? Why…? Your brain has more than 60.000 thoughts or more per minute. When you have  a problem, it is difficult for it to concentrate on a solution so it goes head first into the part of the brain (Amygdala) responsible for fear and then panic sets in. I learned that what you might think  is the worst problem that ever happened to you in that moment might actually turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. I can recall many  instances when I thought it was all over only to laugh about it several years later and thank my lucky stars that that’s how things turned out. #CreativeReaction

I learned that F.E.A.R stands for ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. Many experiments have been done to find out how the brain interprets stimuli and how animals develop fear responses. The emotion, fear, has been hard-wired into almost every individual, due to its vital role in the survival of the individual. Researchers have found that fear is established unconsciously and that the Amygdala is involved with fear conditioning. There is only one truth.  We are all born with northing and one day we are all going to die with northing, so it’s what we do in the middle that counts. Don’t waste your time worrying as life is not a dress rehearsal for a stage show. Make your time useful by helping people every opportunity you have. #NoFearEnergy  #Creativity   #MakeitCount

Have you ever thought of someone and they called you instantly and then you say to them.. I just thought of you and then they say… “Oh come on stop it, you are lying”… Then you can’t be bothered.. because you can’t prove it?? Yes. Well, we all have the power to think something and then receive it. But, you have to think it, believe it is going to happen by being thankful, and then put it out there to the world.  Everything is possible when you think it, create it,  be thankful for it (even without receiving it) and then receive it.  #IsthatSimple

I learned that Race is a classification system used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation. First used to refer to speakers of a common language and then to denote national affiliations, in the 17th century, people began to use the term to relate to observable physical traits. So… the term racism is a word used to describe someone with deep rooted insecurities about themselves which tend to be projected at someone who is different from themselves. Anyone who is racist will probably freak out at what they fantasise about (i.e if the world was made of 10 billion identical twins!).. Wow,  that would be boring living in a world were everyone looked and sounded thesame. I also learnt that every humanbeing has a mental bank where they store images, content and character references about how they think each race behaves. This is true. Let’s try it… if I said. What do you think of the Germans? What comes to your mind? Ok now.  What do you think of Americans? Now, what do you think of people from Romania ? Ok, point made. When we respond to everyone with a   blank slate.. Welcome, who are you and pleased to meet you???as oppose to welcome, where are you really from and I mean “really from”?.. then you will uncover a deeper truth that  every single one of us, race, colour, size, shape, etc has a unique difference that is waiting to shine if you care to look behind the “Stereotype”.   There is only one race –  #HumanRace   #EmbraceDifference

The music I listened to when I grew up was moving and inspiring. The music kids listen to now has no message and the music videos look like horror films gone wrong!  #RealTalk

Give more than you have and don’t wait till you have before you can give.

I learnt that most people are confused because they understand themselves . When they start to ‘overstand’ themselves then they stop being . Understanding yourself keeps you ‘under’ your  true self  whilst Overstanding yourself, helps you to remove your ego and study yourself from an outsiders perspective (ie. Look over yourself and look over your actions).  #Overstand

A child at 5 years old speaks the purest form of the truth until parents unconsciously re-programme and supress their instinctive ability to communicate the truth. Re-programming happens by the cartoons you let them watch, the weird stories you tell them… “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch…..  , Little miss puppet sat on the wall and what did the big spider do???  …. , every story you tell them instils fear from an early age. When they grow into their teenage years, the story changes to films which are written to raise anxiety and fear and before you know it.. You have a full grown adult without any real self-knowledge and intuition. You have someone who is always fearing the worse… It starts with Children.  Set them free and they will always be #FREE

I don’t believe in religion as I don’t know what it means. RELIGION was created by humanbeings and it is the reason why so many people fight eachother in our society . Anything that is created to make a member of the human race feel superior to another is wrong. But,   I believe in God , you can call him the Universe, you can call it ‘everything and everything’ and I have learnt to have an important relationship with the source. The source is Love, the source is always GOOD, that’s how you know you are ok and you cannot CONVINCE someone to join a religion.. but you can convince someone to do GOOD by doing GOOD you are truly living in the light.  #ThinkBigger

My Dad was a legend but my Mum is a true legend. That’s why I will always respect an independent driven woman. My mum is responsible for building my character.  Once in school when I failed my exams, she threw me a party to celebrate the failure and since then I embrace failure by throwing a party eachtime I have a set back. #CharcacterBuilding #NLS

I have learned to take responsibility. Have you ever heard someone say the words, “I think they thought I had the words Mug written on my forehead”… You did. If you project bad thoughts and energy, you will receive the same thing back from people. This is so important but people do it in relationships all the time. You make a list about what you don’t like about the other person ..and then you begin shooting at them from all angles. Result: bad energy.. What did you think was gonna happen??? Why not make a list of what you actually love about them and shoot at them from all angles.. Result???? Need I say more!!! Be responsible for your thoughts and the energy you bring to the room!!

14 years ago I coined the phrase #NexLevelShhh.. or #NLS  to describe all experiences that transcend normality. 90% of  my experiences have to be capable of achieving #NLS ©   It’s just my personal decision not to live life average  but to live life to the fullest!!!  …  #NextLevelShhhhh…

A ship is sailing continuously in the ocean, people inside the ship are drinking champagne and having fun. Sometimes, the Titanic can happen. If you can come out of it in tact. Then you have related to the ship. We are all ships sailing consistently in our own little ocean in a bubble. When someone can relate to your ship and vice versa, then you have a relationship. Hollywood films make you believe your eyes will meet this lovely person and instantly something will happen and they live happily ever after. In reality, even the actors/actresses who play those characters don’t have Hollywood romances that live happily ever after. People are attracted to people daily, that is lust and other people are searching for someone special when everyone is special in their own little way. In the digital age, for a relationship to truly work is for two people to put all their imperfections on the table and truly accept eachother as soulfriends whilst committing to always bring 90% happiness to the table. The other 10% can work itself out. Would you hurt your soulfriend? No and Why? Well because, real love is not based on romance, candle light dinner and walks along the beach- Everyone who is half decent can do this with ease. In fact, it is based on Respect, Laughter,   Love, Compromise, Honesty, Humility, Care and Trust!

I’ve learned that your mind is like a garden. If you water it, look after it . The flowers will grow but if you desert it. It’ll turn to a bush and one day you will come and meet a forest with loads of weird animals in it.  So, look after your mind.. If you do physical exercise without mind exercise… Your outcome will be temporary. Let’s take someone trying to loose weight, for example.. Your body is not the one making you go to the fridge to eat more chocolate cake… Did you see what happen? As you read, chocolate cake… your mind made your mouth water and your brain pictured chocolate cake and you want it now.. Don’t you???  That’s your mind at work. Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined, so train your mind!  #TrainYourMind

I’ve learned that anyone who writes negatively about other people or the ones who are looking for information in an attempt to bring someone down are 21st century playground bullies with a keyboard who channel their negativity by trying to bring someone who is ‘Up’  to their level ( ‘DOWN’) . Never believe any negative story you read about someone until you have met them and asked them directly. Remember, what goes around always comes back around and if you haven’t got anything nice to say stay silent. It is important to be nice but it is not nice to think you are important by causing some else’s downfall !!

My immediate family are my two sisters, my mum and my nephew . I love them more than everything else.  #Number1

I’ve learned that real Friends are individuals whom you know deep inside your core that they will and have always been there for you and vice versa especially in challenging times. I have been blessed to have those friends, they know who they are. They will defend you in every situation because their friendship comes from a pure place. Always, do something special for friends like that.. to let them know in your own little way that they matter. #RealFriends

I’ve learned that 80% of famous people are truly unhappy. I have been blessed to work in my career with so many of the world’s biggest/talented  names in music, film and television. Most of them become best friends because I always brought them back to earth because living in planet ‘stars’ can sometimes be a lonely place. The stars shine bright in the sky and look good and then fade away when morning comes. That is what Fame is.. very ‘fleeting’ with no ‘real substance’ …  ‘Fame’ is the biggest scam ever invented. It is the worst drug known to man. Once you get fame, if you don’t overstand yourself. It will become addictive but will leave you empty. Those who haven’t got fame, will do Anything to get into the VIP Club and once they get in, it is an illusion of smoke and mirrors. When you realise you were misled…you get disappointed and do so much drugs to numb the pain.  #BeYourself

I’ve learned to be inspired by people, to appreciate great talent. But not to worship people who can sing, dance and act as idols. Talented individual are also known as humanbeings just like you and me. We eat, sleep, drink and breathe the same air.  Enjoy great music, appreciate great acting and just   #BeEntertained #NotoIdolWorship

We are in an era of smart phones, smart gadgets, and smart working. Someone, can work hard and earn £200 in a day whilst someone else can work smart in a day and earn £30k .  Most people are not getting ahead because they work too hard. The problem is you are working too hard for your own good.  #WorkSmart

Every decision I have made that has led to something incredible would have been even more incredible if I just started immediately. You have an idea, start now! It doesn’t cost you ANYTHING to start writing your idea down this second and then researching the next and then asking everyone you know, who has any connections with someone who can help with the idea. Start now because you will never Stop because a ‘Full Stop’ is not a real end because we can start a sentence after that… #StartNow #NoToProcrastination

One of my favourite words is #No. I learnt the power of #No when I was 16. I fancied this really gorgeous girl in college and after I had gathered the courage to ask her out, in front of all my friends and her friends.. She said #No, everyone started laughing. They were laughing so hard that something happened in my brain as I stood there speechless. I suddenly found it really funny.. so I burst out laughing.. she burst out laughing. We all laughed, and needless to say.. We ended up going out together for 2 years ending the relationship as we embarked into University but becoming really good friends. Last week I made this speech at her wedding and we all laughed again but this time as grown up’s. Everything I have ever achieved in my life, came from someone saying No to me. I worked with Blackberry as a VIP Ambassador for the brand in 2006 and 2008 when they said #No to a project I was doing. I put plans in place to design and create my own range of phones and tablets called Zuricom. A well known BAFTA Award winning Director was doing a film 2 years ago. I told him I’ll invest 1.5 million pounds in his film if we can co-write and direct together. He said ‘No’, he had more better suited individuals than me. So, I wrote, starred, and directed my own film, it’s called #TheNewspaper and it’s out in September! So, the lesson here? Don’t be scared of #No from the small #No’s to the #BigOnes… NO… turned backwards is ‘ON’…. Say ‘NO’ to me and I’ll Move ‘ON’ to bigger and better things!

Trust everyone until they let you down. Not everyone will let you down in life. The majority of us all have had people who you have trusted for years and they have always remained loyal and if someone you trusted let down. It’s their loss not yours. #KeepOnMoving #KeepanOpenMind

I’ve learned that the past is not the future. For example; when you drive, do you drive in reverse gear or do you accelerate forward? If you keep on driving backwards to the past, you will end up in the past. Start with the present and create your future from today!
Do something today that your future self is going thank you for!

I’ve learned to realise the power of simplicity. Life is simple, don’t complicate things… Kiss… (Not literally lol) is the acronym for… Keep. It. Simple. Stupid #KISS

I’ve learnt that holding onto resentment is like drinking POISON and expecting the other person to DIE. Let it go for your own good!!! The last two words in Forgive and Forget are the strongest. You give what you get. #ForgiveandForget

What about you? What have you learned so far? What do you wish someone would have told you?
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