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Event Diary: Fun at the Chelsea Theatre


Looking for an exciting show locally in Chelsea for the summer? Don’t panic! Join Chelsea Monthly magazine for some ell needed fun at the Chelsea Theatre’s quarterly cabaret – an evening of songs, laughs, heart and spunk programmed by Ben Walters – and we might just get out of this in one piece!

Pulling together an eclectic array of the most talented and audacious performers from across the cabaret spectrum, Come With Me If You Want To Live is first and foremost a cracking night out, with roof-raising tunes, side-splitting laughs, jaw-dropping surprises and eye-moistening moments of unexpected emotion.

But it’s also rooted in the sincere belief that the things that make great cabaret – eye contact, conversation, curiosity, improvisation and irreverence – are exactly the things we could all do with a bit more of these days. That’s why we’re also delighted to be linking up with some of the brilliant people involved in Chelsea Theatre’s huge array of community activities, from fashion to filmmaking.

And wait till you get a load of the line-up for Come With Me…’s second edition on Friday July 11…

Barb Jungr
Barb Jungr’s voice is one of the most glorious weapons in contemporary cabaret’s arsenal, able to prise open iconic songs – by the likes of Dylan, Brel, Springsteen and Simone – to reveal beautiful new depths of feeling and meaning. For Come With Me…, Barb will be showcasing some of her own original songs, as featured on the acclaimed album Stockport to Memphis, and experimenting with storytelling too. Let her take you on a journey unlike any other.

Lynn Ruth Miller
At 80, Lynn Ruth Miller is enjoying things while they last. An old-school entertainer from Ohio via San Francisco and Brighton, she weaves between colourful anecdotes, groan-inducing gags, bawdy singalongs, shrewd observations and a dash of burlesque. Mining the real experience of ageing without sentimentality or solemnity, she’ll be your best friend after 10 minutes and pelt you with sanitary products after 15. Frankly, you’d do well to keep up.

The LipSinkers
High-octane queer exuberance of the first order! This hilariously entertaining alternative drag troupe lip-synch to imaginatively selected songs by acts ranging from Jessie J and Will.I.Am to Pulp and the Lovely Eggs. The sensibility is utterly leftfield: the looks are brilliantly bonkers; the routines are tightly choreographed; the lip-synching itself is technically spot on; the acts are sexy without really being erotic; and the chemistry between the charismatic performers is affectionate and assured.

Miss Behave
A longtime regular of La Clique, Miss Behave is a latterday showgirl with the whole package. Looking like a Tiller Girl who got carried away at Torture Garden, she’s equally at home with sword-swallowing, cigar stubbing, wine guzzling and tongue-piercing, she’s a dominatrix with a twinkle and a facilitator of fun with a brand new box of tricks. Miss Behave is one of the few performers around who wants you to get your phone out…

There will be many more great acts on the night! So, what are you waiting for?

Ben Walters and Chelsea Theatre
Come With Me If You Want To Live
Friday July 11, 8pm
Chelsea Theatre, Worlds End Place, London SW10 0DR Box office: 0207 352 1967 : £8 (£4 concession)