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Mayfair Club brings a touch of Vegas and Parisian nightlife to London


London is a tough crowd to please especially for nightclubs and bars. A few have tried and only a select few remain at the epitome of success especially when it comes to delivering to a luxury target audience. To find a decent nightclub in London guaranteed to give you a combination of luxury, class, entertainment and good music especially during the weekends  is sometimes near impossible. Hence, why many choose to spend their weekends out of the country were they can party to their hearts content and then face the working week on Monday.  So, when we were invited to check out Club 41 at the  No.41 Conduit street, we were excited to find a decadent hidden late night bar and club finally offering a luxury experience with staff, dancers, security and your very own mixologist mixing some lethal cocktails guaranteed to get any sober person on the dancefloor! Sebastian Banovic, No.41’s Floor Manager  explained the concept of No. 41  “We attract a very luxury audience and are very keen on vetting our guests to make sure we provide them a  quality experience. It’s not just an exclusive members club, it’s opened to a discerning public who appreciate member privileges” and as he sold a table for a grand right infront of me, i knew Sebastian wasn’t messing about and that goes with every member of staff at this unique venue. What other club would you see security staff dancing to choreographed routines  with the sequined dressed dancers who were doing some very special moves  guaranteed to get any red blooded male gasp in admiration.


No. 41 opened up on London’s Conduit Street on the 26th of September 2013 and is already a big hangout for celebrities alike. Actress, Joan Collins chose No.41 for her latest book launch which saw a plethora of celebrities attend to show support.  The club night runs from  Thursday right through to Saturday serving up no less than 41 drinks including four vintage sharing punches that will be sure to get the party started.  In addition to the 41 cocktail reasons why you should pay this boutique club a visit is the decor which is opulent and reminiscent of the old Mayfair Club days… back in the 90’s.  The music was great, the DJ’s are certainly as versatile as the venue and have found the right balance with a perfect combination of a wide selection of music genres…  Now, all that aside… i think my favourite part of the evening had to be watching the table representative who looked after managing the tables do what she does best. She doesn’t just sell, she parties and sells… Vegas style…  I say, Vegas style after she invented a new way to serve champagne. A move which for the purposes of Chelsea Monthly…  i’ll name the ‘Freehand Serve’ … Well, the free hand serve is were she serves you champagne without using her hands… How??… i hear you ask!!  Well, when you decide to check N0.41 out in the future ask for the #FreehandServe .

ADDRESS: 41 Conduit Street, London, W1S
CLOSEST TUBE: Oxford Circus
OPENING HOURS: Thurs-Sat: 9pm-3am
PHONE NUMBER: 020 7629 4496

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