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A Different Ice of “Life” to your Vodka



Vodka Luge is part of the Ice Box group of companies, who have been creating vodka luges and amazing things in ice since 1993. The Ice Box brought the luge to London, having discovered them on Icy trips to Switzerland and North America on a mission to find the next best thing in ice!

From life size ice houses in Germany to a permanent Ice Bar in India, they have created masterpieces all over the world. Working on mountain tops and beaches, their designs dazzle and delight wherever they go!

The skilled hands of the team are all artists in their own right, putting heart, soul and a sparkling creative flare into each piece. The company have worked for some of the world’s leading brands and are trusted by all the top end caterers, Michelin star chefs and exclusive event planners in the UK. Well versed in supplying events, the dedicated team know every aspect needs to be right, and only the best will do.

Just in case you are wondering, nothing is too small for the Ice Box or Vodka Luge. They can produce a seating plan for your wedding, a vodka luge for a birthday, or ice table centres for your dinner party. Always in demand, they have lost track of how many ice bars and bespoke ice sculptures have been produced for clients all over the UK. More information can be found at or