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The Shisha that gives you more!


We at  Chelsea Monthly pride ourselves as the purveyors of what is trendy, new and guaranteed to be a talking point amongst many in the future which is why when we came across new product Energy Shisha  we were instantly blown away whilst blowing our very own caffeine infused shisha. Good bye Red Bull and  Lucozade. Introducing, the new contender for the “give you wings”  award!

Energy Shisha works in a similar way to any energy drink but with the difference being, that you inhale vapour to gain a caffeine hit.
Energy Shisha can last up to 300 puffs, which put another way, can equate to the effects of drinking 15 regular cans of energy drink (based on 20 inhalations/per can).
Energy Shisha can boost your performance, combat tiredness and also fatigue.
Sold nationwide in bars, clubs and online, Energy Shisha is UNIQUE and cannot be compared to similar, but standard non caffeine containing e-shisha products which are currently available.
With its sophisticated design style, Energy Shisha is proving a ‘must have’ product. Due to its ease of use, convenient portability and of course its ability to deliver the caffeine hit – just when you need it.
The Energy Shisha brand is now rolling out its products globally; territories include the Middle-East, India, Africa, North America and the Caribbean regions.
Energy Shisha:
• Nicotine Free
• Sugar Free
• No Carcinogens
• Odourless Vapour
• Use Anywhere

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