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Introducing the Luxury side to Ibiza 

Ibiza is synonymous with heart throbbing, fist pumping electronic dance music with the occasional drinking and experimenting with the science of Chemistry. An experience usually reserved to the 18 to 30’s demographic who are in a consistent search for thrills and mental highs that will top the latter. Now, I am no psychologist but it would be good to find out what happens to the few who make it through their teens and twenties and are currently in a quest to recreate those good old days. It’s usually either a massive fail or one of those rare moments that you cherish for life!  Well, I didn’t have to imagine any longer as I found myself in the prestigious British airways lounge with a team I had hardly ever met prepared to board a plane en route to Ibiza. After, the usual surprise looks and awkward conversations we all generally agree that we would at least be civil in the experiment. We were about to experience a burgeoning luxury scene which is becoming on trend and hugely popular courtesy of  Ushuaia Tower, a new addition to Yann Pissenem’s dream.  Ushuaia Tower is perfect for those looking for that first class luxury experience and desperation to partake in some fist pumping dance action with like-minded individuals. All guests have full access to the services of The Ushuaïa Club but are also able to enjoy all the benefits of a luxury hotel.

As we land in Ibiza, we get picked up from the airport by a driver who would have been more comfortable in the pages of Vogue than behind the wheels. Short drive and we descend on the permanent red carpet in front of an incredible building. As we slide our way in, I start to grasp the concept here and after a few cocktails or two to help us check in. We were ready to have a look at our accommodation accompanied by a Kate moss look alike… obviously!  It’s a beautiful place and for a beautiful place to operate you need beautiful people!

With an avant-garde design in keeping with the current style of Ushuaïa, The Ushuaïa Tower  houses 181 suites, complimenting the existing 236 rooms. The rooms and suites are divided into ten categories and decorated with a range of natural materials mixed with high-tech functionality. All the new suites come with their own exterior terrace and Jacuzzi and have an innovative LED system, enabling guests to change the room lighting according to their mood, as well as plug-in aromatherapy and much more.

If you are  after a more unique experience, then you can book yourself into  ‘The Fashion Victim Suite’, with a futuristic circular designed bed, created exclusively for Ushuaïa, or you can jump right into ‘The Anything Can Happen Suite’ complete with a 50 inch flat screen TV and a exquisite pillow and sheet menu and ‘The I’m On Top of the World’,  provides you with an exclusive room of 166 metres squared, located on the eighth floor, with a large living area, two bathrooms, a dressing room, butler service, private check-in, airport transfers and a special treatment for two at the Ushuaïa spa.

As I checked in, I realised my announcing on social media that i was on my way to Ushuaia Tower had already earned the hotel new clients from me. Yes, my mates a footballer and a model as they would like to be known for identity reasons had already booked a room on our floor by personal recommendation! Result…Surprise, surprise they got their first client from me but I don’t think they quite acknowledged that properly.  A thank you would have been great… but who cares…? It was Day 2 and we were introduced to our American counterparts who I must say were a little bit short on the conversation department apart from ‘American John’. Now, American John… encapsulates what this whole trip was about. Self-confident, mature, humble and ready to get acquainted to the Ibiza Luxury lifestyle. He definitely flew the flag for the US and prevented any brewing rivalry between the British and American camp from taking place. Later that night, myself and my new found ‘friends’ (a term which I came to understand is very ‘loose’ when it comes to Ibiza) went to Pacha.  It was at Pacha were I am ashamed to admit, after ‘friends’ disappeared I might have fallen asleep and for some reason I lost my Iphone and what does a 32 year old journalist/ Tablet PC designer do when they lose an Iphone. They go back to the luxurious hotel and design their very own phone. Yes, the luxury surroundings of the Ushuaia inspired me to come up with the design for the Z-Phone by Zuricom which is out now by the way.

The next day, as we met for breakfast I found myself in the US press table making more awkward conversations to past the time and later on that night   we were introduced to restaurant options on offer at Ushuaia. Now, when it comes to food…. Ushuaia goes all out! We settled for dinner at the already established Minami. Minami offers a Zen-like ambience surrounded by bamboo, modern Japanese artwork, mirror pools and soothing candles. Guests are welcomed with a lifelike hologram featuring a typical Japanese dinner affair. Great dinner, great people and a great end to Day 2 in our experiment.

Day 3, was a classic old morning, we departed the hotel for a boat excursion to Formentera for a full day sail including lunch and later that evening we enjoyed dinner at the Montauk Steakhouse at The Ushuaïa Tower. Montauk Steakhouse is Ibiza’s first premium steakhouse and the signature restaurant at The Ushuaïa Tower. Headed up by renowned executive chef Richard Turner, Montauk Steakhouse serves the very finest Spanish aged beef along with classic and specialty sides and accompanied by a first-class wine cellar.

The next day we met up with Ana Ramos from the Ibiza Tourist Board who took myself and the team kayaking at Cala Carbó . I have to personally thank Georgina Oakley for taking control and being the best paddling partner ever!  After Kayaking was over with no incidents to report. Ana Ramos who was also quick to share her passion for the other fun and luxury side to Ibiza which is often ignored by the general media took us for a hosted lunch at Yemanja, Cala Jondal. After lunch, we transferred to Agroturismo Sa Talaia . It was time to relax at the newly refurbished Agroturismo Sa Talaia which is described as Ushuaïa’s sophisticated little sister offering the tranquillity and privacy of luxury rural accommodation.

As we relaxed into our final day. We were driven to the airport at least fully sober and able to fully summarise what was one hardcore experiment and my verdict??? Don’t be silly!  It doesn’t matter what age you are, but what matters is how you spend it when you know the finer things in life and as for Ushuaia Tower… Well, I am planning my next visit again with some friends and I think this time around I might lose something again just to be inspired to come up with something else! A Digital Camera… maybe? Watch this Space!


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