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A Novel way to relax instantly…


Innovative business is the art of taking an existing idea and adding a unique spin that makes people gasp “Why did’nt i think of that first” ? Innovation is the ingredient that drives entrepreneur, Lauren Shalson who is Managing Director of Spa by Car a company set to change the Spa industry.

Spa treatments and products, once considered beyond the means of many people, she added, are becoming more mainstream with a growing middle class.While medical care treats illness and disease, wellness is focused on prevention through a variety of healthy habits, nutritional eating, exercise and treatments.

The global spa industry generated $94 billion last year, according to the Global Spa and Wellness Economy Monitor report, up from $60 billion in 2007.With more than 32,000 spas, Europe had the highest revenue of $29.8 billion, followed by the Asia-Pacific region with $18.8 billion and North America with $18.3 billion.

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Spa by Car, is a new concept that has been embraced by VIP’s and celebrities at the recent 6th annual National Reality TV Awards. Instead of letting the customer come to them. They have decided to go to the customers, making this the novel approach. Call it the ‘Uber’ for  anyone seeking relaxation. Launched in 2011, the company has gone from strength to strength breaking several grounds including it’s fleet of recognisable mini cars across the capital.

With over 50 different mobile beauty and spa treatments -from bronzing to make up, facials to threading – our highly qualified therapists will transform the way you feel about yourself.  And since Spa by Car comes to you, the only time you lift a finger is to have your nails polished.

On the outside you will be re-beautified. On the inside you will feel more relaxed and more like ‘you’. Be completely pampered at home, by Spa by Car, it’s Me Me Me time all the way and why not. If you work hard and play hard, you deserve to equally relax…..!

For more information on Spa by Car. Visit: www.spabycar.com