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Ana Engelhorn Interior Design joins the list of sponsors for the National Film and Television Awards 2018


The pièce de résistance for any luxury property , villa or mansion is, of course, Interior Design. Your property’s interior design can either raise or diminish its value. Introducing, Ana Engelhorn Interior Design is a boutique, residential London-based design firm that unites the old with the new to create fresh, timeless interiors. The company’s ‘rough luxury’ style emphasises the innate authenticity of a room and highlights textural sensations – the rough feel of a 19th century hardwood floor, for instance, or the luxurious feel of materials like silk, cotton and oxidized metal.

In older buildings, the company focuses on restoring the space to its natural state while adding a modern twist. This could involve, for example, uncovering and refinishing beautiful oak floors and putting antique furniture alongside stunning new lighting and modern artwork. The approach goes beyond materials, bringing in history. If a building is of particular historical interest, for instance, the heritage will be incorporated into the design to highlight its value and create more impact.

In new-build homes, the studio is guided by the client’s needs and dreams – what they want to do in each room, how they would like to use it – to form the shape and interior of the house. In other words, rather than designing the house first and thinking about how to fill it after, their philosophy is to build the house around what the client wants and needs inside. Above all, whether new build or older house, the studio works to produce quality interiors that suit its clients, creating a place they feel at home in.


To ensure clients end up with a home they love, the company takes time to get to know them – learning about their lifestyle, taste, style, needs, goals and dreams – while gauging the chemistry between them before signing a formal business agreement. Once they have decided to enter into a partnership, the studio works closely with its clients throughout the design process to ensure they stay aligned with their needs and vision. This can also mean probing and challenging that vision when required to produce even more spectacular, sometimes surprising, results.


Founder Ana Engelhorn was born in Switzerland and has both Spanish and German roots. Her interest in travel and other cultures has manifested into a love of design and art from across the world, which she incorporates into her interiors. She has worked in Barcelona, the Costa Brava and now London. Ana is always excited to share her energy, enthusiasm and ideas on how to live better with the old, the renewed and the new.


Ana Engelhorn Interior Design has been announced by the National Film Academy as one of the bronze category sponsors of the National Film and TV Awards 2018. The National Film Academy hosts the annual National Film Awards in the United Kingdom and are taking the prestigious awards over to the US on the 5th of December. The US version of the awards titled National Film & TV Awards will be held annually in the US to celebrate all the successful film releases and established, emerging, breakthrough performances and filmmakers in motion picture and television. Nominations for all categories will be open for academy members and film/television fans to both nominate and vote each year.

Voting for the National Film and TV Awards went live on the 8th of October, click here to vote!

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