Carousel: Up, close and personal with the boys


So guys, how did the band start?

Jamie: Well, the band started out with Rob and me, we just loved music, going to gigs and eventually started playing gigs.

Rob: Yeah, practicing every day after school.

So, what about Fred?

Rob: Fred was a solo artist.

Fred: I played the saxophone for good four years, a bit random, but eventually decided the acoustic guitar was my true calling and that’s when I joined band.

Jamie: Yeah, the acoustic guitar is just such a mobile instrument you can take anywhere to perform, and since we don’t drive it was perfect for us.

Fred: …and the girls love it.

What is your latest single writer’s block about?

Fred: The song is more of an answer to the fact that you can’t write a song at that particular point in time.

How do you think your fans will react to it?

Fred: Well it’s all about your interpretation; it could mean anything and everything to you or simply nothing. I think that’s how a song should be, different to each individual person.

Rob: We only play music and write songs we want to listen to.

Jamie: Good Answer

How would you describe each other?

Fred: Jamie’s more of the old man of the group.

Rob: It’s the dancing, I Think.

Jamie: yeah I do dance like an old man. Fred: Rob is a mix between Buddy Holly and uh….

Rob: Gok Wan.

Who would you say inspires you guys?

Jamie: John Lennon, it’s got to be John Lennon, everything he wrote is just totally from his heart and soul.

Fred: The smiths, Bob Dylan, Thin Lizzy

Rob: Tom Yorke, Radio Head, Jamie: We love the Stone Roses.

So what’s next for Carousel?

Jamie: Well, our single ‘writer’s block’ is out now, available on Itunes. Our second single off the album is called ‘it’s a big issue’. We are very exited about this single because it’s about the subject of young homelessness that affects a high percentage of underprivileged youth more then people are aware of. Carousel’s debut single ‘WRITER’S BLOCK’ out now on invincible records!