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Christmas Gift Guide- Pick of the Week

Our pick of this week’s cool Christmas gifts;
First up…We have…Belvedere Limited Edition Bottle for RED 
The limited edition bottle of (BELVEDERE)RED is available at major Sainsbury’s stores and  For every bottle you give (or keep), Belvedere donates 50% of the profits to Global Fund.

An 80-year-old lady from South Africa has become an artistic inspiration around the world. Her old-school approach is part of her mission to keep her people’s custom alive. She has broken barriers in the art world for so many reasons, one of which she was one of the FIRST women and non-western person to collaborate on creating designing a car (for e.g.). Her bold geometric prints and patterns are part of a custom from the Ndebele tribe, which is passed down for generations of women in the family as a right of passage in their culture. The designs are traditionally used to decorate both the inside and outside of their houses.

“I want the children and everyone to preserve it and to learn it,” Mahlangu said through her interpreter.

PRODUCT: Belvedere Limited Edition Bottle for RED 

STOCKIST: Sainsbury’s

PRICE: £38

For more info. Go

Next up…Paperless Post, a US stationery brand to the stars, has produced some of the most beautiful, modern designs in everything from personalised stationery, cards and invites.

This year we were drawn to the elegant paper stationery with collaborations from Oscar De La Renta and Kate Spade, to name a few. These are the perfect way to keep in touch and say thank you to any friends or family.



They have a modern spin on classic papercraft motifs and patterns and the option to include stately monogrammed design to bring a timeless touch to your present-day aesthetic.

Prices for the personalised stations come in 10 cards x 10 envelopes – £25

The Christmas cards start from 70p



 Finally… if you are into music, then make sure you check out Phonaudio...Phonaudio is an independent British audio brand founded in 2016 by husband and wife duo –Steven and Emma Arinze. Their goal is to provide the consumer with an honest, simple and stylish pair of headphones that delivers studio quality sound. After 4 years of extensive research and development, the patented design presents a fashionable, yet functional headphone that is convenient to use and comfortable to wear.

Image result for phonaudio

The Brand’s ethos “Our Sound Your Passion”, is built on the belief that music is a fundamental element which fuel individuals towards achieving their goals and beyond. “Delivering music through the right medium makes a whole lot of difference. I believe listening to music through quality sound brings out the energy and emotion of the artist. This is an experience I want to share through our headphones.” Steven Arinze, CEO, Phonaudio.


Phonaudio has partnered with major players in the entertainphonaudio112ment industry to sponsor competitions and awards to promote and support the diverse passion of their followers. Having apersonal connection with their audience is key to the Brand’s identity. As such, through their community channels, treats its audience with giveaway offers from Phonaudio’s sponsored event and collaborations.

Phonaudio Headphones are currently available in over-ear (PHN100) and on-ear (PHN200). They come in 3 colours – black/gold, black/silver and black/black and are all on sale now. Go to;