Eira Water Partners with the 6th annual British Restaurant Awards 2024


 Eira water is a premium natural mineral water brand from Norway and one of the purest and finest waters in the world, bottled directly from the source in Eresfjord, a beautiful and pristine region in Norway. Eira water has been praised for its purity and taste by chefs and sommeliers around the world, and has won several awards, including the Superior Taste Award and the Global Water Drinks Award. Eira water is also the official hydration partner of the British Restaurant Awards 2024, a prestigious event that celebrates the best of the UK’s culinary scene.

Eira water is not just any water; it is a symbol of purity, excellence, and innovation. The name is derived from the name of Eir, the healer of Asgard and the goddess of health and youth in Norse mythology. Eira water’s journey begins some 1,500 meters above sea level and takes almost two months to reach its destination. Slowly dripping through many layers of quartz, which act as a natural filter, and never passing through soil or organic material, the water reaches its destination in a state of cold, clear wonder. Eira water has a balanced mineral composition and a neutral pH, which means it does not interfere with the taste of your dishes or beverages. Eira water also has a low sodium content, which makes it ideal for pairing with wine and other drinks.

The good news for those seeking variety is that Eira water is available in still and sparkling varieties, and comes in different sizes of glass bottles. Eira water also offers a range of PET bottles and aluminium cans, which are eco-friendly and recyclable. Eira water’s bottles and cans feature a refined brand identity, with a modern classic typeface and a unique EIR monogram, inspired by the runic alphabet of Norse mythology. Eira water’s packaging reflects its commitment to quality and elegance, as well as its rich heritage and culture.

Eira water is more than just water; it is a lifestyle choice. Eira water is endorsed by some of the most influential figures in the food and beverage industry, such as Chef Reif Othman, the global brand ambassador of Eira water, and the Michelin Guide, which partnered with Eira water for its debut events in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Eira water is also involved in various charitable initiatives, such as supporting the Norwegian National Chef Team and sponsoring the Dubai Fashion Week. Eira water is a premium water brand that has a reputation for its exceptional taste and quality.

This year, in 2024, Eira Water takes center stage as the title sponsor for the British Restaurant Awards, an esteemed ceremony highlighting excellence in the culinary world.

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