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Exclusive Interview with Catherina Butler from MUDE


Can you give us an in-depth look into the history and evolution of MUDE?

Mude drinks are part of The Naked Collective, a beverage wellness company that was formed in 2019 and launched its products in early 2020 in Ireland, just days before the pandemic.  The founding principles of Mude were to create affordable healthy drinks as an alternate to the soft drinks and energy brands that were currently on the market, be the most transparent drinks brand in the world, and ensure we are being as sustainable as possible every step of the way. Since the initial launch of Mude in Ireland, we’ve expanded into the UK, US & Dutch markets, where our products can be purchased in major grocers like Tesco, WH Smith, Holland & Barrett, Spar, Londis, Mace, Walmart, Target, Meijer and CVS Drug Stores. We’ve also launched our E-commerce Stores our drinks can be purchased online in the UK, Ireland, and the US, on Amazon and

What are some of the biggest challenges you face in the beverage industry, and what are your long-term goals for the company?

As a Start-Up company, we face the challenge of educating customers about our products and dealing with competition from more established brands that have been in the soft drinks business for a long time and of course, they have more marketing budgets to play with.  Our long-term goals include expanding our distribution into more markets, growing our e-commerce online sales, and continue to innovate and launch new line extensions of our Mude products.  Aside from just launching our new Mude Powders range, we are looking at developing a line of products focused on specialised consumers’ needs.

Can you highlight what sets MUDE apart from other beverage brands in the market?

The Mude range of sparkling functional drinks is brewed to refresh your mood and is crafted with adaptogens and botanicals to support consumers during various occasions throughout their day. Mude Work helps you focus, Mude Play provides natural energy, Mude Chill allows one to relax and Mude Sleep provides a solid night of proper rest.

Mude products are all-natural, vegan, 100% plant-based, do not include any stabilizers or artificial sweeteners, and only contain 4 – 5 ingredients, setting us apart from most soft drinks.  They contain naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that support general health & wellness and immune systems.

In your opinion, what is the most crucial factor in the success of a beverage company?

The key to success is to always focus on your consumers and customers. Understand what they want & need whether it’s healthy ingredients, sustainable packaging & ensuring that you are giving them a reason to believe in your brands & products. Listen to consumers as they are a key source of information which will ensure we are competitive AND… always INNOVATE! Being on trend is crucial for continued growth.

What are the current milestones for MUDE, and what do you see as the future growth prospects for the brand?

We launched our business in our core markets over the last 3 years during a global pandemic which has taught us lessons we never thought we would have to learn. Our global team has supported us every step of the way and without them and the support of our investors we would not have made it this far. Our next milestone is to grow our sales and distribution into new channels and customers and build trust and support as we scale. We are also planning the next markets that we will launch in 2024. We have an existing pipeline of new products coming and new distribution partners are key to our success as we grew.

Can you share a unique and creative way to incorporate MUDE into a drink recipe?

YES, so glad you asked! Obviously, any of our Mude drinks are great all on their own but, we’ve had some fun & great success mixing it up and creating Mude Mocktails (or Cocktails).  Last summer we had Mude Mocktails available at the 2022 Soul Circus Festival and paired Mude Play with Crossip’s Fresh Citrus (no-alcohol spirit), we also attended the US Embassy 4th of July’s garden party, which was an amazing success.

We heard that MUDE has just been announced as a sponsor for the 12th anniversary of the National Reality TV Awards UK. How does this partnership align with the vision and goals of MUDE?

We are very excited for Mude to be a sponsor this year. Whenever you create a partnership, it must make sense and we truly believe our products align with what reality TV is all about.  Mude drinks were created for the “everyday consumer,” regular humans who are trying to manage the ups and downs of daily life, while doing it with humour and not trying to take themselves too seriously. They are working, playing, chilling & sleeping and we want to be part of that journey, and make it an easier and more enjoyable experience for them!

For interested customers, where is the best place to purchase MUDE products?

The best place to purchase Mude is on our website at: or in the UK at WHSmith Stores (with more stockists coming soon!)