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Exclusive interview with the Founder of the brand “Laines”


How did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?

After being in the hospitality industry for over 25 years, the last 12 years I developed a real love and passion for the interior designing of the businesses. This newfound passion was then what lead into wanting to create a brand using unique drawn designs. My partner had great knowledge of computer and website skills and so the combination worked perfect!

What qualities do you think are important for forming a successful and fulfilling career in the fashion industry?

I think the most important qualities are you must absolutely love what you do, what you create and what you believe in. Aside from that it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and individual uniqueness to stand out.

How has your work evolved since you began your own label?

Since we started, we have become so much more knowledgeable in all aspects of our business and got a great work team which makes our work feel like a pleasure to be a part of and never a chore. We now have our label in 100’s of boutiques and stores around the world which is something we only thought we could dream of.

Where do you find inspirations when trying to design new bags and sliders?

We are always thinking of new designs, and we are ever creating unique in-house drawings so that there is something for everyone’s taste. Our key to our sliders and slippers is comfort with style this is something we are ever developing trying and testing on all our designs.

Where do you see your brand “Laines” in the future?

We are always striving to be better, and we would love to be a full fashion brand in the future. We have already started creating unique and bespoke embellished designs for our customers, this is something we cannot wait to extend on.

Tell me about the designs you’re most proud of and why?

We are very proud of all our designs, but it certainly was a very proud moment when we were asked to showcase our products at Paris Fashion Week this year. It was a lot of hard work but completely humbling and certainly something we wont ever forget!

Now, you have just been announced as one of the sponsors for the prestigious 8th annual National Film Awards UK. This is an amazing achievement for your company. How excited are you to partner with the National Film Awards UK?

We were completely blown away when we were contacted by the National Film Awards to be a sponsor, it’s an absolute honour to be part of such a prestigious awards night and we are so excited for the evening. The team at the NFA’s have been so accommodating to us which has made us feel very welcome to be part of the sponsors.

Where can readers reach you in case they want to purchase your products?

Our website is the best place that showcases our products our Instagram @laines_london